Tips for Finding Concrete Delivery Near You

Ready mix concrete, as the name implies, is concrete that has already been mixed according to the specification for the job at hand. This mix enables contractors to complete their projects in record time with high quality materials and also save cost. Additionally, using ready mix concrete reduces carbon foot print on the environment.

Many contractors have come to know and appreciate the benefits of using this ready to use mix. However, the challenge is often is how to get a supplier for concrete delivery whose product and service is as advertised.

Some contractors have had to rely on trial and error to get this all important product for their projects. However, this shouldn’t be the case as you can always get it right.

In this article, we will share tips on how to find the right supplier that will deliver as advertised and even surpass your expectation, so stay with us.

How to Find the Right Ready Mix Concrete Supplier

How to Find the Right Ready Mix Concrete Supplier
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Getting the right supplier for this concrete does not just happen. You have to put in time and effort to make enquiries and do some due diligence. Find below some tips to help you:

Ask for Referrals/Recommendations

Since you are in the construction industry, we want to assume that you know one or two people or companies that use this product for their projects. These are actually the best persons to ask for recommendations on the suppliers to check out.

These people will help you narrow down your search by sharing their experience with different suppliers. This will, in turn, give you an idea of the kind of service that you should expect from them.

Search Online

Search Online

Sometimes, it may so happen that you don’t know anyone that uses or have used this product. This then means that the option of personal recommendation/referrals will not work. You will have to search online for suppliers of this product near you.

All you have to do is type in your query on your search engine and you will get several options listed in the result pages. When those results pop up, the most time saving and efficient thing to do is to pick those that are nearest to you.

After that, you go ahead to visit the websites of those that are nearest to you. The next tips that we will share are some of the things to look out for as you browse the websites of the options you are considering.

Consider Location

Consider Location-Concrete Delivery Services

Like we mentioned briefly, it is very important that you check out only dealers that are closest to you. This is because the logistics of supplying products across long distances often adds to the overall cost.

Sometimes a company will have several service areas listed on their site; therefore check out for that too. A company may have its headquarters far from where you are but have service areas around you.


Check Reviews from Past and Present Customers

Check Reviews from Past and Present Customers-Concrete Delivery Services

When you visit a prospective supplier’s website, do not fail to check out reviews from past and present customers. Look out for how the customers rate the product and service of the company. Check how the company handles complaints from customers and also check how many disgruntled customers they have.

Be wary of sites that only have positive reviews; this is because there are ways of manipulating reviews so that all you will see are 5-star ratings.

There is no company that will have only 5-star ratings no matter how good they are. This is because human beings are insatiable; there must be one or two customers that will have complaints. Like we said earlier, look out for how the company handled those complaints.

Additionally, you can visit professional 3rd party review sites such as Better Business Bureau, Google business profile, Trust pilot and the likes.

These sites usually give unbiased review about businesses. Look out for companies with at least a ‘B’ rating.

Consider Mode of Communication and Customer Service

Consider Mode of Communication and Customer Service-Concrete Delivery Services

Communication is one of the keys to success in any business. Every business needs to maintain an open, fluid and transparent line of communication with their clients and business partners.

When you have narrowed down your options whether online or through personal recommendation, ensure that you speak with their company reps. Note how clearly they communicate with you and how patiently they answer your questions.

Also, consider the vibe you get when interacting with the customer service reps or the experts in the company. If you feel that they are vague in their communication and sometimes even feel affronted by some questions, consider that a red flag.

You need to work with a company that is as open as possible in their communication and are always ready to answer questions no matter how ‘dumb’ they may feel it is without condescension.

Comparison Shopping

As you check out the options you are considering, make sure that you are comparing the prices across board. Bear in mind that when comparing prices, you must do a cost benefit analysis as this will enable you know whether you will get value for your money from the transaction.

Also, remember to use the same parameters for comparison. Some of the parameters to use for comparison include the concrete mix design, delivery time, mode of delivery and the cost. There might also be some parameters that are important to you; factor them into your comparison.

But do not forget to use the same parameters to compare all the options; only then can you get the right cost benefit analysis. Click here for more details on cost benefit analysis.


Every day, contractors and project managers look for more cost effective and time saving ways of carrying out their projects.

One of the things that have helped many contractors is using ready mix concrete. This products has a lot of benefits which we have mentioned a few briefly at the beginning of this piece.

We have shared some tips on how to find this concrete delivery near you and we believe the information shared here will go a long way in helping you make an informed choice.


Louis Hanley
Louis Hanley
Louis is a community manager for Baltic Roofing where they help the greater Chicago community with everything from high-quality roof replacements to skylight repairs. He is an expert on all things roofing and home improvement. Outside of work, he’s a huge Cubs fan and enjoys spending time with his dog, Roscoe.

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