Beware of Bugs! 7 Tips to Avoid Pest Infestation this Summer

With summer comes early mornings of hearty breakfast, lazy afternoons of sipping lemonade on the veranda, cool evenings of BBQ parties, vacations on beaches, pool parties and pests.

Yeah, you read that right – pests.

Tips to Avoid Pest Infestation

While so many things are good about summer, some things are wrong too. Unbearable heat and insects being on the top of this list. Pests can invade your house and become permanent residents, especially in humid seasons like spring and summer. And nothing can ruin summer vacations like lengthy procedures of pest extermination.

It is important that you avert such complication before it happens. So, here are some tips you can use to avoid pest infestation this summer.

Keep Them Out

The first step to pest control is to keep them out of your house. You can do this by eliminating their entrance into the house. Before the season starts, do a thorough check of your property, especially doors and windows. Pests reside in cracks and holes, in windows and doors. Close any openings you may find.

Eliminate their Breeding Grounds

Nip the evil in the bud, seems quite suitable when it comes to pest control. Insects and other pests like rodents and spiders can lay up to hundreds of eggs per day. If left unchecked, the situation can become dire. Therefore, eliminating their breeding grounds should be your foremost priority. Make sure there is no standing water on your property because stale water is optimum for insect breeding.

Don’t Leave Food Out in the Open

This should go without saying. Leaving food out in the open is like an invitation to fruit-flies, houseflies and ants. Once they’re on your property, undoubtedly, they are the hardest to remove. Not to mention, the numerous diseases they can cause in humans. Make sure to cover food and beverages in the kitchen and during parties.

Choose your Vacation Spots Carefully

Most people go to various places to spend their summer vacations, mostly exotic islands like Hawaii or the Caribbean. However, these places have their fair share of exotic pests too, which vacationers inadvertently bring home. Make sure to choose your vacation spot carefully. But if you don’t want to compromise on enjoyment, then take measures to avoid pests while traveling.

Heat your Mattresses and Sofas

Speaking of stubborn unwanted guests, bedbugs are the next on the list after flies. And they are not found in beds only, unlike their name suggests. Bedbugs are known to travel via carriers and before you know it, they’ve invaded everything in your house, from beds to sofas and curtains to blankets. Plus, bedbug bites are extremely painful. Heating your mattresses, sofa and any place they’re likely to infest is a sure way to eradicate them.

Kill Two Birds With One Stone – Aka Spider Control

Spiders are not merely pests, they are downright horrifying. Many people have severe phobias regarding them, and if you’re of those people, then you need to get rid of spiders asap. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to control spider infestation. Since spiders feed on other insects, eliminating those insects from your house will cut off their food supply. Consequently, they’ll either die or leave your house in search of prey.

If Worse Comes to Worst – Hire a Local Pest Control Service

And if you’re an unlucky person whose house is already swarming with pests, then your only option is to hire a pest control company. However, make sure to call a local pest control service because they have expert knowledge about local pests. It is understandable that different kinds of pests infest different places. For example, insects in a downtown New York apartment will differ from pests in Treasure Valley resort in Boise. Similarly, pest control in Boise will require different measures than pest control in New York and local services are sure to know them.

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