Tools For Helping to Remove Stripped Screws

Removing broken screws can frustrate people to the extend that they will just give up and move on. That is not a very good idea to start with. It is not that hard nor does it take more a than a minute or two. For newbies it might take a few times of removing to get a hold of the steps i am going to show you. There are two ways to remove a stripped screws. Remember to always wear protective eye wear. And try not to make the problem worse. If one of the methods do not work, move on to the next one.

Old fashioned ways to remove broken screws

  • Get a phillips driver than is a little bigger than the size of the screw to be stripped. Force the screw driver into the stripped screws and remove slowly and carefully. Use a manual driver rather than the power drill.
  • Try to snatch the screw out with tools such as Dremel.
  • Use a large flat head screw that will fit the broken screw and screw counter clockwise.
  • Drill the screw out with a bit same size or a little smaller.

New way to remove broken screws

  • Invest in a easy-out screw extractor which you can find under $20 and remove the stripped screws in less than a minute. Also these extractors come in different sizes, so get a kit and they will last you for years.

Remember to never get discouraged by these kind of little problems you face in you DIY projects, there’s always a fix for them.


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