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Home Improvement

The good news for anyone who wants to make changes to their home is that there are many improvement projects that can make a real difference. However, many homeowners are afraid to get started on DIY projects, simply because they don’t have any experience in home improvement. Well, it isn’t necessary to be a contractor or have a ton of money to improve many common household problems. In fact, most DIY projects can be done in a single weekend and with very little prior experience. Here are five easy home improvement tips any homeowner should know.

1 – Replacing Broken Tiles

home improvementA kitchen, bathroom, or family room floor covered in ceramic tiles is durable, low-maintenance, and looks good. But what happens when something falls on the floor and cracks a tile? There’s no need to call a professional; replacing broken tiles is actually an easy fix. In order to get the job done, use a gouge to remove the grout around the broken tile and then loosen it. Chiseling out the pieces might take a few minutes, but it’s easy enough. Then, set the new tile with new mortar, fill in the joints with new grout, and allow it all to dry for about a day.

2 – Squeaky Doors and Floors

There’s nothing worse than squeaky doors and floors, but there’s no need to replace either. Squeaky door hinges can be fixed in a matter of minutes with the right materials – all that’s required is a good lubricant from any local hardware store. Spray a little onto the hinges and let it work its way in. If there’s no hardware lubricant to hand, a little petroleum jelly will work, too. Just remember to use a rag to catch any drips. For squeaky floors, simply sprinkle a little talcum powder onto the noisy area and sweep it into the cracks. It’s not permanent, but works as an effective temporary fix.

3 – Installing Wall Frames

Wall frames give any room a classier, more put-together look. Believe it or not, they aren’t hard to install – a single weekend will do. Get a miter saw, nail gun, and some wood to add timeless character to any house. First, smooth and prime the wall where the frames will be installed, then create a jig to help ensure that the frames are square and tight. Next, cut the molding to the desired size and build all the frames. Before nailing the frames to the wall, remember to use glue as well. Once everything has been installed, sand everything down, fill the holes, and give it a good layer of paint (below the chair rail).

4 – Making Wall Hooks

Who says home improvement tips have to involve fixing something that’s broken? Part of home improvement is making things look better, more organized, or even more beautiful.  Making wall hooks for the kitchen is a great way to achieve these goals. Using old silverware that isn’t being used anymore is a great way to do this. Using a cobalt drill bit, bore a hole into the handle of the utensil and then bend the piece into a U-shape.  Attach the hooks to the wall using a hammer and nail… now hang the ornament of choice!

5 – Quick Garden Fixes

Many people often overlook their garden and it can turn into an unloved and neglected space. The garden can be an extension of the family home, and a great place for the kids to play, giving you a moment of peace and relaxation. DIY Conservatories can help you organize your garden, allowing you a place to grow your plants and leave your garden looking more spacious and tidy. Window boxes are another elegant feature to compliment conservatories; they look great and can be used practically to grow your own herbs and small vegetables.

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