Best 40 Two Color Combination for Bedroom Walls for 2023

Have you ever thought of reviving your bedroom with aesthetically pleasant yet bold and mood-boosting colors? Are you confused about what two colors should be combined to give your bedroom a new life – a whole new mood? Does this question ever bother you? What two color combination for bedroom walls would give your room a complete look? Well, you are exactly where you need to be.

In this blog, we have put together the 40 best complementing color schemes for your bedroom walls that will steal the show! Read on to execute a mind-blowing color scheme for your bedroom walls.

Why Should You Care About a Two Color Combination for Bedroom Walls?

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. From your happy moments to your low moments, you spend a good time of your life there. When you don’t find peace outside, you enter your room to get yourself some space.

So, how about you paint your room using the color schemes that sit right with your personality? Choosing and creating the right color combination to paint your bedroom walls should be a fun task rather than a daunting one.

All you need is great color scheme ideas and a way to go about them! And here’s why we are with you! This article will direct you to some pleasing and perfect two color combinations for bedroom walls ideas that will uplift your mood anytime!

Top 40 Two Color Combination For Bedroom Walls You Must Try!

Do you like light shades? Do you love incorporating a bold color into your bedroom walls? Are you confused about what two colors will look the best together?
Alright! Down here, we have put together a list of 40 two color combination for bedroom walls you are sure to fall in love with!

Here you go.

1- Indigo Blue And White:

Indigo Blue And White:
Source: Pinterest.cojm

Are you a fan of soothing shades that will be easy on your eyes?

Indigo blue and white color scheme for your walls should work the best for you. Indigo creates a warm ambience around your room and even helps you fall asleep quickly. White in itself is capable of giving a satisfying touch to your room.

2- Radiant Yellow and Light Blue:

Radiant Yellow And Light Blue

Two colors that would create a happy vibe around your room are surely classical blue and high radiant yellow. When paired together, they not only complement your furniture and other room accessories but spread eternal happiness.

3- Lime Green and Baby Pink:

Lime Green And Baby Pink:

Give your bedroom a rejuvenating aura that’s both energizing and soothing all at once. Moreover, lime green and baby pink coincide perfectly with their light yet happy essence. Getting out of your bed gets even easier when you have such a pretty combination of walls around yourself.

4- Reserved White with Lavender Color:

Reserved White With Lavender Color

Do you have trouble waking up early in the morning? Off-white paired with lavender is a two color combination for bedroom walls that will make things easier for you. Besides that, together they will create a warm and welcoming effect in your room. How about you steal this rare wall combination for your room before anyone else does?

5- Cream And Brown:

Cream And Brown

Revive the aesthetic sense of your bedroom walls by pairing cream with brown color. Such a two color combination for bedroom walls will definitely balance the aesthetic scale of your bedroom. Did you like this idea already?

6- Grey With Its Similar Shades:

Grey With Its Similar Shades:

Don’t be afraid; grey with its shades won’t be a monochromatic failure for your bedroom walls. In fact, grey blends smoothly with its shadows. Just grab a grey paint and pair it with its familiar paints, and your bedroom will be a total hit.

7- Muted Green And Light Brown:


How about you come up with a classy appeal while going for a two color combination for bedroom walls? You guessed it right – we are talking about muted green and brown shades for your bedroom walls. This combination also gives a natural and earthy feel to your room, so are you ready to paint it all?

8- Beige With Burgundy:

Beige With Burgundy:

No matter what design of bedroom you have, the combination of beige and burgundy will add the alluring effect you love! These two colors together increase the beauty scale of your room and make it all pretty!

9- Peach And White:

Peach And White:

A bedroom is where you rest and spend time to lower your impulse, right? So, how about you choose peach and white as two color combinations for bedroom walls? They, together, add a pretty calming and reviving effect to your room.

10- Prophetic Purple Paired With Indigo Shades:

Prophetic Purple Paired With Indigo Shades:

Wouldn’t it be nice if you just let the empowering color of purple do its magic as two color combination for bedroom walls? Prophetic purple with its pretty shades comes up as a bold addition to the aesthetics of your room.

11- Teal And Salmon:


Teal is bold, empowering color, and when it is paired with salmon, things just start to take beautiful turns. Begin with a teal base followed by salmon accents that would give a kick-ass look to the walls of your room.

12- Emerald Green With Tangerine:

Emerald Green With Tangerine

Incorporating earthy and lively shades of tangerines with emerald green would be such a vibe as two color combination for bedroom walls. They both are warm and happy colors, so get ready to surround yourself with lively vibes with these two!
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13- Beige With Orange:

Beige With Orange

Treat your bedroom walls with an orchids twist by incorporating beige with orange as two color combinations for bedroom walls. They both will revive the aesthetic and earthy feels of your bedroom better than any color combination!

14- Bright Red And Rustic Yellow:

Bright Red And Rustic Yellow:

Bring the essence of a grand picnic in your own bedroom by pairing bright red alongside rustic yellow. Use a combination of bright red and scents of rustic yellow on the walls, and you are good to go with your little garden-ish bedroom. Accessorize with chic cottage portrait over the walls.

15- Gold And Tan:

Gold And Tan

Colors do what many accessories fail to do, like transforming your whole bedroom into a natural wooded area. When you pair gold color with the essence of tan as two color combination for bedroom walls, it will be shown off as beautiful wood grains.

16- Deep Navy And Bright Orange:

Deep Navy And Bright Orange

Make your bedroom your happy and cheerful place by painting deep navy with bright orange on its walls.

Start painting them with the darker end of the spectrum for maximum feels. These colors will add both fun, and serious feels to your room, so you are good to go with these!

17- Warm White And Coral:

Warm White And Coral

With this color combination, we are back to our soothing suggestions as two color combinations for bedroom walls. Coral, when paired with white, creates a warm yet rejuvenating ambience to your room. Get ready for the relaxing effect.

18- Grey With Baby Pink:

Grey With Baby Pink

Grey in itself is quite a boring color, while the baby pink adds a bright effect besides chic femininity. If you love the relaxed vibes around you, how about you choose these two colors as two color combinations for bedroom walls? They are totally worth it.

19- Dark Grey And Sage Green:

Dark Grey And Sage Green:

Sage green is a fantastic color that brings everlasting peace to your brain. When paired with a classy shade of dark grey, your bedroom is sure to get a whole new outlook. Falling asleep would be even easier, having sage green and grey as two color combinations for bedroom walls.

20- Bright White With Flowing Peach Color:

Bright White With Flowing Peach Color:

Give your bedroom a fresh, peachy appearance by painting the walls with bright white and deep peach color. Not only do they add the chic femininity factor, but they also leave a relaxing essence all around your room.

21- Classic Ivory And Burnt Orange:

Classic Ivory And Burnt Orange:

Tone down the dark essence of dark, burnt orange with classic natural ivory color to give your bedroom a total earthy appearance. Light lamps glowing at night will definitely present a heaven view in your room.

22- Mustard And Grey:

Mustard And Grey:

Nothing goes wrong when you pair a classical grey shade with bright mustard yellow color. They both add empowering yet soothing effect to your big, bright bedroom.

23- Midnight Blue And Royal Blue:

Midnight Blue And Royal Blue

Royal blue can never go wrong with midnight blue shade. Together, they can steal the show. Begin with royal blue followed by scents of midnight blue, and your bedroom will start giving a beautiful night sky vibe.

24- Royal Purple And Burnt Orange:

Royal Purple And Burnt Orange

Royal purple oozes out perfect sensuality when paired with burnt orange over your bedroom walls. The view escalates to another level once your bed sheets and curtains match them well too.

25- Green And Bright Pink:

Green And Bright Pink

Fill your bedroom with lively colors like green and pink. They together present a scenic view that will be empowering enough to keep you up and moving every morning.

26- Mean Greens With Lighter Shades:

Mean Greens With Lighter Shades

Don’t even worry about green going wrong over your bedroom walls. Choose various dark and light shades of green as two color combinations for bedroom walls to give a complete earthy, lush look to your king bedroom!

27- Clean Off White With Bold Brown:

Clean Off White With Bold Brown

Everything turns classically royal and majestic when bold brown is paired with clean white. The wooden furniture in your room will make things even sensually royal.

28- Coral And Blue:

Coral And Blue

Coral is nowadays a trending color for bedroom walls. When coupled with blue as two color combination for bedroom walls, coral transforms the overall appearance of your room.

29- Pink And Bright Red:

Pink And Bright Red

Pink and red exceptionally go well together. There is no color combination that tops the vibes and feels of pink and red brightening the walls of your bedroom.

30- Moon Purple And Subtle Purple:

Moon Purple And Subtle Purple

Experience the cosmos within your bedroom by painting this powerful moon purple color on your walls. Do you love stars and galaxies? So, what’s stopping you from choosing moon purple as your bedroom wall paint?

31- Cream And Turquoise:


A beach lover is too weak to say no to the perfect combination of cream and turquoise colors. These two shades together put up a whole show right in your bedroom.

32- Sky Blue With Orange:

Sky Blue With Orange

How about incorporating cute and funky colors to your bedroom walls that will create equally happy vibes around? Sky blue, when strategically painted with orange, can be a whole scene in your bedroom.

33- Burnt Orange With Yellow:

Burnt Orange With Yellow

Another worthy two color combination for bedroom walls is pairing burnt orange with bright yellow color. These two colors together are sure to bring the happy vibes back into your bedroom.

34- Cream And Bright White:

Cream And Bright White

Achieve maximum calmness and soothing essence inside your bedroom with cream and bright white color combination.

35- Purple With Off White:

Purple With Off White

Purple is frequently found in bold and prominent bedrooms as a powerful paint color. Off white color balances out its sheer boldness by creating calm and beautiful essence out there.

36- Dusty Blue And Pink:

Dusty Blue And Pink

Create a dusty feel inside your bedroom by incorporating baby pink with hues of light blue as two color combination for bedroom walls. Are you ready to make your room your dream destination? Then go with this color combination and enjoy the dusty feels it brings to the table.

37- Grays And Tan:

Grays And Tan

Bring Bohemian color schemes right inside your bedroom by incorporating greys and tan over your walls. What else could be more majestic?

38- Green And Blue:

Embellish your room with the majestic and bold shades of green and blue as two color combinations for bedroom walls. Nothing could go wrong with these two shades!

39- Blush Pink With Deep Red:

Blush Pink With Deep Red

It is impossible to not fall in love with blush pink and bright red walls. Get those accurate designs right in your room, complementing the color scheme.

40- Mustard And Teal:

Mustard And Teal

When a dazzling color like teal is combined with mustard, everything starts making sense. Make these two your wall’s color scheme and wait for the happy vibes rolling out.

Wrapping It Up!

What two colors will suit your bedroom the best? We hope you are successful in choosing your desired two color combination for bedroom walls from our list. Let us know which combination mesmerized you the most.

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