Different Types Of Flooring You Should Know About

In construction, to come up with a complete building several processes have to be undergone. This includes designing, plumbing, roofing, flooring to mention a few.

Flooring is a term used in construction and it is simply the process of covering up a floor in a building.

There are materials used in this fundamental process. The most commonly used and preferred materials in flooring are vinyl, laminate, carpet, and tiles.

Types of flooring

flooring finishes from ArchiPro is a wide area as it has various options to choose from based on the client’s needs and preferences. The type of this process includes the following:

Vinyl Flooring

It is covering up a floor with vinyl. There are two types of vinyl flooring which include homogeneous and heterogeneous flooring. Homogeneous vinyl floor is fabricated by one single coating. This provides vibrancy and depth of the shade.

Heterogeneous flooring is made of more than coating which is displayed in various attractive ornamentation with indefinite blueprints.

One outstanding benefit of using vinyl flooring is that it is cost-friendly as compared to the other types of flooring. It is robust making them long-lasting. Installation of this flooring is easy, and it is warm, unlike ceramics.

Marble Flooring

This type of flooring is elegant and eye-catching but needs high maintenance as it is very fragile. It requires high attention by polishing and sealing it often to avoid damage. Spills of drinks on it like juices, coffee, tea, or wine can vandalize the covering. This covering should be installed promptly otherwise it can crack easily. Marbles are alluring giving your floor an elegant look, but they are quite costly to maintain.

Vitrified Tile Flooring

It is mostly used as a substitute for granite and marble. Vitrified tiles always come in 4 types; Glazed, Full body, Double charge, and soluble salt. The vitrified tiles are mostly used outdoors as compared to the other tiles. These tiles are made to last in frost and water that is why they are mostly used outdoor.

This tile is ceramic with truncated porosity. It is made up of a mixture of four components: feldspar, quartz, silica, and clay. These four components are hydraulic pressed to come with a vitreous veneer. This brings the low porosity feature in vitrified tile flooring. See this link to read more https://architectureideas.info/2013/02/flooring-vitrified-tiles/

Hardwood Flooring

This covering is durable as it can last for a long time. With good care and maintenance hardwood flooring can serve you for centuries. People with this covering enjoy easy cleaning as the floor can be cleaned with ease and within no minutes. This covering integrates the natural style in your apartment.

The biggest limitation of this type of flooring is that it is vulnerable to humidity. Hardwood flooring can be easily vandalized with liquid substances that is why it is not recommended to wet areas such as bathrooms.

Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo flooring is made up of compounded matter. The component of Terrazzo comprises granite, quartz, chips of marble, glass poured with polymeric, a cementitious binder, or both. This type of flooring is mostly used in merchandising buildings like offices. There are two types of this covering which are Epoxy and Cementitious terrazzo.

It is easy and fast to clean terrazzo flooring as there is no scrubbing, polishing, or scouring. There is an economic value in using this wrapping as it is long-lasting. Components used in terrazzo are robust and sturdy making the floor durable.

The surface of this flooring is cold bringing discomfort during cold seasons as it cannot retain heat.
There are numerous types of flooring apart from the discussed above including red oxide, Brick, Linoleum, Laminate, Concrete, and Bamboo flooring. Click here to read more on the different types of flooring.


A floor is a significant part of any building. Before you select any flooring there are several things you should consider.
Price: buyers should consider their budget before selecting their suitable floor. There are expensive floors as compared to others. For instance, vitrified tile flooring is slightly expensive as compared to a concrete floor.

Surrounding: some floors do better in other areas and are vulnerable to damage elsewhere. Hardwood is not recommendable in wet areas as it is easily disfigured with liquid substances. On other hand, Vitrified tile floor is suitable in humid areas because of its low porosity.

Cost of maintenance: the cost of maintaining a floor depends on the type. It is cheap and affordable to maintain a terrazzo floor as there is no polishing, scouring, or scrubbing. A marbled floor is expensive to maintain as it is fragile.

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