8 Types of Stairs to Include In Your Home Design

Any experienced remodeler would tell you that a single design choice leads to seemingly millions of doubts. For instance, you decide to remodel your kitchen cabinets. From assessing the many different materials to choosing colours and prints and how many of each would you need – there is certainly a lot at stake to decide on Types of Stairs .

Hence, naturally, when it comes to as significant of a change as revamping your staircase, a lot more categories of choices are involved. After all, there are many elements involved in a single staircase design. Everything has to be coordinated and thoughtfully put together, from choosing its shape and structure to finishing factors and mediums utilized.

So if you are considering enhancing your double-storey home design, now is the right time to familiarize yourself with different types of stairs. These popular staircase designs range from simple and chic to bold and attention-grabbing. It will help you make a more educated decision and easily decide upon other factors involved.

Let’s get started.

1) The Straight & Simple


One can never go wrong with a straight and simple, elegant-looking staircase included in their home design. If you have the appropriate architectural plan where a straight staircase fits neatly, there is no need to look around to fit other designs.

As neatly as a straight staircase would tuck into the design plan, other stair types would take up more space. This means that you’ll have to compromise on the hallway or the lounging area. Therefore, a single linear flight of stairs is an incredible choice to have in your home design.

2) The Classic Quarter Turn

Classic Quarter Turn-

Think of almost all of the horror movies you have seen where the protagonist runs up the staircase to find the demon in their room upstairs. Can you think of the type of staircase they include every time? It is a classic quarter turn.

It is a seemingly straight set of stairs that has a 90° turn at some point, leading to another linear set of stairs that finally land you on another floor of the house. Many older homes have these types of staircases already included in the home design.

3) The Mid-Century Winder

Mid-Century-Winder-Types of Stairs

A sister to the classic quarter, a set of winder stairs goes back to mid-century architectural design where the stair treads are wider to save landing space. Winder stairs have been outdated given the new designs but still, make way into many homes today.

However, the staircase gives you a fanciful corner to decorate and doesn’t take much space. Hence, many people still prefer this particular staircase type. After all, you can always design it more modernly without handrails or metallic hovering handrails, etc.

4) The Official U-Turn

U-turn-stairs-Types of Stairs

Mostly seen in office buildings and restaurants, the official U-turn stairs are exactly what the name suggests. They go around in a complete U-shape instead of a quarter turn or no turn at all, for that matter. You can choose between different materials and designs to fit the aesthetic.

Moreover, U-turn stairs can easily fit up in compromising spaces. Maybe that’s why they make for a good choice in restaurants and offices where wider spaces for seating arrangements are necessary. So you can tuck in the stairs in a corner than compromise space.

5) The Dizzying Spiral

Dizzying-Spiral-Stairs-Types of Stairs

The spiral staircase is very popular and used in spaces where the aesthetic is casual, and the idea is to save as much space as possible. These stairs are used mainly for their primary purpose than to add any decorative element to the house design.

Hence, you may find spiral staircases edging from balconies hanging over the backyard or leading to the roof from the attic, etc. Many people find them enclosed and appalling due to the continuous spiral, so there is a chance you might not want to use this one for your home.

6) The Romantic Curve

The-Romantic-Curve-Types of Stairs

The romantic curve is a staircase type right out of everyone’s fairytale dreams. We all must have imagined walking down such stairs at some point dressed like a princess or a prince bearing the glass slipper on the other end of the stairs.

Right out of Cinderella, the romantic curve stairs are one of the most popular staircase types. Although a challenge for the architects and engineers to fit in a space, they are worth the effort and money spent as they look elegant and romantic, adding grandeur to your home.

7) The Iconic Bifurcated


Who can ever forget the iconic Titanic staircase? Well, the name of the particular type is bifurcated. The grandest of all staircases you will ever see, these are now only left for movie sets or vintage hotel lobbies.

A design dating back centuries, these staircases are an absolute delight to have as an aesthetic. The stairs are extremely wide and go straight until a sharp turn on both sides carries you onto two different floors. A thick carpet in the middle with iconic paintings and portraits, and you’ve got yourself a grand entrance of a lifetime.

8) The Farm Ladder



Last but not least, the humble farmer’s ladder is for all those loft-bearers who are desperate for even a sliver of space to be there. Ladders can be moved, take no space, put away when not needed, and don’t even cost that much.

From using it to reach the high-roof of your library to attic, backyard, or basement, ladders are convenient and easy to have. You can have them made as per your custom dimensions or buy a ready-made version if it fits.

In Conclusion,

Elaborate staircases are beautiful and grand to accommodate a revamp of your house design. Not only do stairs give you fancy access to another level of your home, but they also add another dimension of layers to an otherwise plain flat. We hope the popular types of stairs that we have shared with you help you come to a rightful decision with your home design.

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