Under Bed Storage

Let’s be real, we have all fallen short on space in our bedrooms at one point or another. With all the furniture in the bedroom, making space for something can be quite a headache. The piece of furniture that takes up most of the space in your bedroom is your bed, so why not use it to create some space. But how? Utilize your under bed storage! It conveniently keeps your items in place and out of sight as well. I know you are thinking that you have a fully furnished home, so why take in boring plastic containers crammed up onto one another. With all the sophisticated furniture in your house you don’t have to compromise on your means of storage.

Maximize the space under your bed with these 11 insanely creative ideas!

1. Rolling Drawers Under Bed

under bed storage

Recycle your old drawers by putting wheels onto them and sliding them underneath your bed. Beds usually have enough space to fit at least three standard sized drawers side by side. You can put your less often used stuff in these drawers away from your prime storage to save time. These drawers are also great organizers for those annoying small toys scattered around the house.

2. Suitcases


Most people keep their suitcases in the top compartments of their closets which is a total waste of space. You can simply slide away your suitcases underneath your beds to save space for other things. On top of that, you can increase the use of your under bed storage by putting off-season stuff in those suitcases. If you want to use this hack for the sole purpose of storage, add wheels to the suitcases for easy drawing.

3. Bookshelf Bed

bookshelf bed

Looking for a portable bed with storage options is always a challenge! How about building your own bed? All you need is two Ikea’s expedit single line kind bookshelves with wooden slats (same length as the bookshelves). The assembly’s pretty straightforward. Space the bookshelves apart and place the slats upon them. For extra support, place another bookshelf in between the two. There you have it, a bed which can be carried around easily with a wide storage capacity. Under bed storage can’t get better than that.

4. Wicker Baskets

wicker baskets

Wicker Baskets work best for storing literally anything; clothes, shoes, toys, you name it! And an ideal thing about them is their extremely cheap price. On top of that, they are very easy to grab and pull out from under the bed. Put a couple of ribbons on them to make them blend with your bedroom style. Let your creativity do its jobs with this one.

5. Shoe Organizer

shoe organizer

We all know the pain of organizing our shoes without having them take up too much space. One creative way is to use a wooden flat board, attach wheels to it and slide it under the bed. For easier access, you can also install a knob or a handle on the facing side to grab it more conveniently. To make it more organized, you can also use wooden or plastic sheets to section the board and make grids.

6. Concrete Forms

concrete forms

Use cylindrical concrete forms to create a very chic and modern storage space under your bed. If you have to store stuff having long lengths like sports equipment or just rolled up mats, this is an amazing idea. In addition, this design provides extra support to your bed frame.

7. Bungee Cords

wrapping paper

Storing wrapping paper is no longer a struggle with this nifty hack. Grab a square of flat plastic or wood and add metal or plastic hooks to all four sides of it. Tie bungee cords to all four sides in a cross and slide it under the bed. It is a simple and efficient way to store any sheet type material. Just roll them up, stack them and secure them with the bungee cords.

8. Locked Boxes

locked box

The important stuff that you don’t use often, throw it in locked boxes and slide them under your bed. It would be better to use boxes with wheels. You can store your files or important documents in them. If your bed skirt is long enough, the under bed storage won’t be even visible.

9. Bed Risers

bed risers

In case your bed height is low and can’t use any of the hacks we mentioned above, you can use bed risers to maximize under bed storage. They not only add some height to your bed, but are also affordable. Moreover, they are available in many varieties and heights.

10. High-Tech Bed Risers:

high-tech bed risers

Sometimes, we just have to place our beds closer to an electric socket. Well, you don’t have to do that anymore. There are bed risers that come with plugs and USB outlets; talking about under bed storage, this is such an innovative idea!

11. Comforter Bags

comforter bags

Always save those plastic comforter bags you get when you buy blankets or a set of sheets. They can incredibly store lot of things, and are very cheap to separately buy as well. Free the closet space by storing your extra linens or out-of-season clothing in these bags. Make these bags a part of your under bed storage. If possible, vacuum seal these bags to avoid any potential smell. If you can’t do that, just throw a couple of dryer sheets in there and you’ll be good to go!

Make the best use of your under bed storage by applying these amazing hacks!