Underfloor Heating Vs. Radiators

Heating is one of the major considerations to make when it comes to home improvements. In today’s society, there is a big debate as to which type is best, however. People have always relied on radiators to heat the home, and this is because it is an excellent way to distribute heat, but more and more people are now opting for underfloor heating which can be efficient and takes up no wall space. If you are unsure about which type of heating is best for your home, then read on for a closer look at both types and possible solutions.


Radiators work by passing hot water through copper pipes throughout the home, which then heats up the radiator and spreads throughout each room. Radiators are familiar to most people, and they have certain benefits, such as being very quick to warm up and easy to control. In addition to this, radiator installation can be fast, easy and affordable so that you can quickly get your home to the temperature that you desire. The drawbacks of radiators are that they are needed in each room, and they can take up a fair amount of space in a room, although they are available in a wide range of shapes and styles. They work best when installed on external walls under a window.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating works either by a wet system where warm water is pumped through pipes under the floor or a dry system where electric coils are placed under the floor. It is particularly effective because hot air rises, meaning the entire room can easily be kept warm. They are also more efficient because the water in a wet system is at a lower heat than a radiator. It is completely concealed and can free up wall space, but it will need to be left on for constant temperature and it takes longer to heat a room, plus installation can be expensive. Many people like the idea of underfloor heating as it is seen as a luxury and it can feel wonderful under your feet on a cold day.


Ultimately, the right type of heating will depend on your own preference and the property that you are trying to heat. There are many benefits to underfloor heating, and those who want to avoid having bulky radiators taking up space will be tempted by underfloor heating. However, many people are familiar with radiators and like the fact that they are quick to warm up and easy to operate. You will also need to carefully consider the cost of installation and running costs and consider ways to bring costs down.

It is not an easy debate because there are benefits and drawbacks to both types of heating. If you cannot decide, it is possible to have both systems working together such as underfloor heating on the ground floor and radiators upstairs. Both systems can operate using the same temperature water, but there will need to be a two-port valve in each system for independent control.

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