Unique Kitchen Design Ideas In 2015

Unique Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you interested in discovering some unique kitchen design ideas for 2015? We present the following design trends for your consideration. Perhaps these insights will spark some ideas you can use for freshening up your own kitchen.

Shaker Style Kitchens

Both here in Britain and across the pond, Shaker style kitchens are an up and coming design trend. Characteristics include high quality materials with simple yet well-crafted carpentry. Light-colored woods are typical. Hardware might either be hidden or understated in design, perhaps with the addition of simple wooden knobs or pulls. Shaker style craftsmanship is particularly relevant for elements such as kitchen cabinets, doors, tables and kitchen islands. See some great bespoke timber kitchen designs which are good examples of fine work from qualified local carpenters at Eastwood’s Carpentry.

unique kitchen design ideas

Open Shelving Is A Fresh New Cabinetry Alternative

While there are many good reasons to install cabinetry in your kitchen, cabinetry is not your only option for storing and displaying your china, glassware and kitchen knick-knacks. These days, many trend-setters are remodeling their kitchens to include open shelving. In some newly updated kitchens, open shelving takes the place of traditional cabinetry entirely, and in others, homeowners are opting to install some open shelves along with some traditional enclosed pantry space.

Scandinavian Kitchen Designs

As of late, it seems everyone has gone mad for Nordic cuisine. This interest is also fueling local interest in Scandinavian kitchen design and décor. Scandinavian inspired kitchens are gaining in popularity this year, particularly here in Great Britain but also in other parts of the world as well.

LED Lighting for the Kitchen

Lighting is an important component of good kitchen design. If you’re planning to update your kitchen, it’s only sensible to freshen up your kitchen lighting at the same time. LED lighting is a smart option to consider, because it can save you substantial amounts of money in the long term. In 2015, many homeowners are installing LED lighting as part of their remodeling jobs.

Docking Stations and Home Office Areas in the Kitchen

Many homeowners are choosing their kitchens as the preferred spot to install docking and charging stations for their gadgets. Charging stations could be either designed separately from the rest of the kitchen’s furnishings, or they could be incorporated into kitchen islands, kitchen counter-tops or kitchen tables.

A related trend that’s emerging: Many homeowners are including home office areas into their kitchen designs. These areas can also provide the ideal environment for safely re-charging laptops, tablets and digital cameras.

Have you noticed any other unique kitchen design ideas lately? We invite you to share your observations in the comments area.

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