Unusual Mexican Vacation Home by Architect Tatiana Bilbao

A more scenic spot could not have been chosen for this amazing, idyllic Mexican vacation home, designed by artist Gabriel Orozco and architect Tatiana Bilbao. The artist’s touch is evident in this amazing piece or architecture. Set on a rocky plot overlooking the Pacific, this unusual home is a 1:1 scale replica of the Jantar Mantar observatory in New Delhi. The observation deck surrounds a pool – the focal point of this interesting house. Notable too for its simple materials and technologies, this example of modern Mexican architecture is made of simply cast concrete, precast blocks, lime plaster, joinery and wood floors. This unusual house plan consists of just two rooms: a living room and a kitchen, which open to the outdoors. From its outdoor living rooms, panoramic views of sea and sunset are the perfect complement to this modern house design.

Updated Home
Updated Home
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