Start Upcycling and Rubbish Removal with a Simple Glass Bottle

Are We Doing Enough to Save Our Planet?

Depending on who you ask, the answer to this question will differ greatly. Some will say our world is at a critical point, and we need to change now before it’s too late. An optimist might say that we are finally waking up and starting to make a change. A realist will tell you it’s both of these. When recycling became trendy, we took a big step into protecting our planet. Recycling is great, we take old things and break them down into their raw state so we can reuse the materials. Upcycling takes this a stage further. Rather than break down the old things, we simply breathe new life into them. It’s like cutting out the middle man. Instead of breaking something down before building it up, we take the old item and find a way to turn into something new and useful. This way, we reduce the environmental impact that the breaking down process causes. Companies like Clearabee divert 95% of the waste they collect away from landfills, so surely we can do the same in our own home.

What Can I Upcycle?

One way to approach this is to simply be creative with your rubbish removal. Make a list of what you throw away in a single week, and then go through each item separately. Look for something that can be upcycled to become a new item, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be related to the original item. A perfect example is to listen when rubbish removal is taking place. That familiar clinking sound of glass bottles will undoubtedly be heard. Glass bottles are a common item to send for recycling, but it is also one of the easiest things to upcycle. It is only limited by your imagination, but here are some tips to get you started.

  • Hanging Lamp – with a little bit of electrical wiring, you can turn a bottle into an attractive hanging lamp. The more unique the original shape, the more interesting the final result will be.
  • Candle Holder – one of the easiest ways to upcycle a bottle is to stick a candle in it, and you have a unique and practical candle holder.
  • Desktop Organizer – we all have desktops or tablespaces that end up littered with pens, paperclips, staplers, etc. Upcycle a bottle to make a handy organizer for them.
  • Flower Pot – if you like plants, remove the top of a bottle, and you have a plant holder. With some wire, you can turn it into a hanging plant holder.
  • Photo Display Case – simply roll up a family photo and insert it into a bottle, and you have a beautiful piece for taking up empty shelf space.
  • Storage Jar – a bottle is already a very useful item for holding food and liquids. Simply fill the bottle with beans or pasta, and you have a new storage jar.
  • Bird Feeder – fill an inverted bottle with seed, and you are halfway to making a bird feeder. With a little DIY, you have a unique piece that not only saves on rubbish removal but also provides food for birds.

What If I Can’t Think How to Upcycle?

Not everything can be upcycled. The good news is companies like Clearabee are also committed to reducing waste. They send 95% of the items they collect for recycling, so by choosing a company like this for your rubbish removal, you are already helping us save our planet.

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