5 Ways To Upgrade Your Bachelor Pad

A bachelor pad is a common term for an apartment intended for a single young man or shared by a group of single male friends. This home offers less personal space than a traditional family home, with spaces serving multiple functions such as a bedroom, living room, or dining area.


Bachelor pads are notoriously unkempt and take on more of a frat house vibe than an adult home. Unmade beds, unwashed dishes in the dishwasher, mounds of dirty clothing, and garbage cans filled to the brim are stereotypical descriptions of a bachelor pad.

Even if this stereotype does not apply to you, there may be upgrades and enhancements you may make to your home as you embrace maturity. There are a few ways to bring refinement and class to your bachelor pad.

1. Buy A Complete Bedroom Set

It only takes replacing a major piece of the living room or bedroom furniture to radically change your bachelor pad’s design and ambiance. Furniture pieces in a room should go together, and there are affordable bedroom sets available to fit any style. The bed should also have a complete bedding set with matching sheets, pillow covers, and a comforter.

You can keep your bedding in a single color for simplicity or experiment with different patterns and colors to add more personality. Style your bed in the same way that you wear your outfit. It can be an expression of your personality and sense of fashion.

Aside from its aesthetic value, studies revealed that a new bed considerably enhances sleep quality. So this is also an excellent opportunity to buy a mattress that fits your sleeping needs, such as a comfortable mattress for side sleepers or a memory foam mattress for added comfort.

2. Matching Dishware

Buy a complete dishware set with plates, bowls, and cups that match. Going neutral is usually preferred unless you have a strong dining room aesthetic that can handle something bolder. But keep in mind that the shape and color of the tableware may impact the taste of the food.

Rounded white plates are thought to enhance sweet flavors in food. On the other hand, black angular plates are believed to enhance savory flavors. Silverware is included in this as well. Save the disposable dishware for barbecues and dining events of that sort.

3. Frame Artwork

Posters taped or pinned to the wall just aren’t cutting it anymore. Instead, take advantage of this opportunity to express yourself by purchasing artwork that reflects your taste. Artwork can transform a simple, uninspiring area into a creative feature enhancing the overall appearance of your room. Be sure to choose actual artwork and not just frame a movie poster.

Choose artwork that fits the rest of your decor and furniture. Avoid artwork that is too colorful or loud. A bedroom should be comfortable and provide the best night’s sleep possible. However, vibrant colors in your bedroom can bring excitement and energy, making it more difficult for you to relax and sleep.

4. Make It Smell Nice

Cleaning regularly and not allowing dirt and filth to accumulate helps keep your home smelling fresh. Locate the source of any foul odors, such as an open trash can or mildew formation, and clean them. Buy some candles or oil diffusers and open the windows occasionally to let stale air and smells get out.

Many people use essential oils to relax their minds and sleep better. If you need help getting to bed, you can experiment with several scents that will help you fall asleep. Lavender has a solid reputation for helping people sleep. Valerian oil may help you get the sleep you need without having to wake up sluggish in the morning. On the other hand, roman chamomile can help to reduce anxiety, enhance vital signs, and promote better sleep quality.

5. Warm Lighting

Light can make all the difference in a room. Natural light is ideal so avoid blinds or curtains that shield too much. When exposed to sunshine, the skin absorbs vitamin D, an essential nutrient that protects bone loss and lowers the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

The more natural light individuals are exposed to, the better their sleep. There are warm light bulbs you can purchase that offer plenty of light without assaulting the eyes. Warm light generates a lot of warmth, making areas appear more cozy and pleasant.

Better lighting is also an opportunity to add some decor and showcase your style. For a more masculine vibe, Edison bulbs are a fun and rustic option. Use lamps as accent pieces and to complete your decor.

Time To Upgrade

Setting up your pad may appear to be a challenging undertaking. However, with the correct perspective, everything is possible. Making simple changes to your bachelor pad will make it a venue where people genuinely desire to hang out.

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