Smart Ways of Upgrading Your Bathroom

Bathroom upgrades do not require you to spend a lot of money. If you are living in a small apartment, you can use these tips to make minor upgrades to your bathroom. Add bathroom towels, shelves, and knick-knacks that make your bathroom pretty. Style your bathroom as per the modern amenities to give it a beautiful and an aesthetic appeal. Add diffusers, plants, and essential oils to make your bathroom smell good. Wooden shelves and latest designs for the sink can make your bathroom look a lot better. The best part is, wooden shelves are inexpensive and add beauty to the bathroom. Read on to know some smart ways of upgrading your bathroom.

Wall Mounted Vanity and Faucet

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This is one of the most stylish upgrades that you can make to your bathroom. You can still get the cord of wood price 2017 even in this year if you want to use wooden shelves that are customized as per your taste. You can create a better space for your bathroom by using wall-mounted faucet as well as the vanity. This is where all the toiletries stay in. Also, add a nice large mirror closer to the vanity.

Tips for Tight Spaces

Use shelves, vanity, mirrors, and other bathroom fittings that go on the floor as well as the wall that have a rounded corner. Doing so gives more room and creates more space in the bathroom. This way there will be no bathroom injuries even if you have a tight space in the bathroom.

Have a Counter Over the Toilet

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There is ample space above the toilet, and you can use a wooden shelf or a rack here that is wall mounted and extend its length. This comes handy and is easy to place toiletries such as the bathroom knick-knacks. This is a minimalistic design that you can implement in a small bathroom to place all the items that you need.

Use Large Dividers

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Curtains, glass dividers between the toilet and the bathtub can create an illusion of space and make your bathroom look bigger. Avoid using the shower door, and use panels that create a better elbow room when you use the bathroom.

Always Use Large Mirrors

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This is a trick to make smaller bathrooms look aesthetic as well as large. Get a large mirror that is good enough for two people. It adds to the beauty as well as functionality for the bathroom. Use decorative or frameless mirrors as per your taste.

Use Doors for Towel Bars

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Avoid using towel bars on the side walls as this can be inconvenient when using the bathroom. You can save space by adding the towel bar to the door. Use hooks or bars as per your taste to add them to the rear side of the bathroom doors.

Do Not Use too Many Shelves

Use a single shelf in the bathroom. For smaller bathrooms, the pedestal design is ideal and space saving option. You can store many items and creates a room for better storage. It also makes the place look uncluttered.

Use urban designs to create an ambient looking bathroom in a small space. You do not have to blow your budget to implement these designs and make alterations that make your bathrooms look stylish.

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