Incorporating Vintage Finds into Your Home Decor

Are you a lover of all things vintage? Do you find yourself drawn to the charm and character of antique pieces? If so, consider incorporating vintage finds into your home decor. Not only can it add a unique touch to your space, but it can also be an excellent way to embrace cottagecore values.

Incorporating Vintage Furniture

Vintage Furniture

No, we’re not talking about your grandmother’s musty old couch (unless it’s actually excellent, in which case, go for it). We’re talking about the timeless quality of vintage pieces that can add a touch of whimsy, elegance, and quirkiness to your home.

Think about it – a sturdy wooden dresser passed down through generations, a retro armchair straight out of Mad Men, or a funky coffee table with a story to tell. These are the kind of cottagecore pieces that can make your home stand out and reflect your unique personality.

But how do you find vintage furniture that’s cool and not just old? Well, the secret is in the hunt. Start by scouring flea markets, thrift stores, and antique shops for hidden gems. Look for pieces with a certain charm or quirkiness but still functional and well-made.

Decorating with Vintage Finds

First off, start with a theme or a color scheme in mind. This will help you stay focused and avoid getting sidetracked by every shiny object that catches your eye. You may be drawn to muted tones, natural materials, bold colors, and funky patterns. Whatever your style, let it guide you.

Next, think about the function of the items you’re looking for. Are you in need of some new vases for your flowers? Do you want to switch your plain white curtains for some vintage lace ones? Or you’re on the hunt for a unique piece of wall art. Keeping function in mind will help you prioritize your search and avoid buying things you don’t need.

Feel free to mix and match different styles and eras when decorating with vintage finds. It’s all about creating a look that reflects your personality and tells a story. You may have a collection of vintage glass bottles to display on a shelf, or perhaps you’ve found a set of old wooden crates that can be used as storage or decor.

Adding Vintage Artwork to Your Walls

Adding Vintage Artwork to Your Walls

Vintage art has a certain timeless quality that can add a touch of elegance, whimsy, or even mystery to your home. From oil paintings to watercolors, landscapes to portraits, a style and era suit every taste.

But where do you begin when adding vintage artwork to your walls? Start by thinking about the mood and atmosphere you want to create. Do you want your space to feel cozy and inviting? Or perhaps sophisticated and refined? Whatever your goal, let it guide your selection of artwork.

Next, consider the size and placement of the artwork. A large statement piece can be a focal point in a room, while smaller pieces can be arranged on a gallery wall or used to create a vignette. Just make sure to balance out the artwork with the rest of the decor and create a cohesive look.


Incorporating vintage finds into your home decor is a great way to add character, warmth, and a touch of nostalgia to your space. Whether you’re into mid-century modern, shabby chic, or bohemian style, a wealth of vintage treasures is waiting to be discovered.

By keeping a theme or color scheme in mind, focusing on the function of the items you’re looking for, and mixing and matching different styles and eras, you can create a unique and personalized home that reflects your personality and tells a story.

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