Water Tower Transformed Into Minimalist Modern Home

Actually, there is a belief that the old water towers live witch. But in the Belgian town of Steenokkerzeel, apparently never heard of such a mystique. Proof of this can happen water tower converted architectural firm Bham Design Studio in quite a modern house.

Tridtsatimetrovaya water tower was built in the Belgian town of Steenokkerzeel in 1938-1941, respectively, and honestly served for residents of the village before 1990, when, and was replaced by a conventional electric water pump. About ten years she had stood idle until 2004 had not been entered in the list of the Belgian Royal Society for the protection and preservation of cultural monuments and architecture. Then there was the idea of modernization of old buildings and turning it into something new and useful.

On the ground floor of this building is equipped with entrance to the house and garage for two cars, second floor – the technical, here is the closet and dressing room, on the third floor to create a room for a bedroom or office with its own small bathroom on the fourth floor of a lot of bathroom on the fifth – a large bedroom on the sixth – living room, kitchen and dining room.

The ground floor is an open entrance space that features only a small staircase to indicate the richness of the living spaces above. The second floor simply contains a mechanical room and storage. An open guest bedroom and small bath make up the third floor. The next floor houses the home’s main bathroom, where the centerpiece is a freestanding sunken shower surrounded by an impeccably placed tub, water closet, and double sink.

But the seventh floor – is an observation deck with balcony and excellent view of the town Steenokkerzeel and the airport of Brussels, near which Steenokkerzeel and is.

It is planned that no one will ever live in this house, equipped with the old water tower. This building will be a good example of how you can use the benefit of such a seemingly useless structure. Only occasionally the house will be rented as a venue for various events and to settle their members in it.

Interior design firm Bham Design Studio’s reinvention of the historic structure took a modernist turn by preserving the industrial construction of the original structure and playfully inserting sparse living elements inside. The tower contains six floors, each of which contains a fascinating live/work space. The renovation is intriguing, challenging and unexpected — a true stroke of design artistry.

Updated Home
Updated Home
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