10 Important Ways to Prepare Before Moving to a New State

Any move requires some preparation, whether you’re moving next door or the next city over. But an interstate move should be carefully planned out and executed. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting time and money. You’ll also be taking on a lot of stress, something you don’t need when moving.

How to Adequately Prepare Before an Interstate Move

No one wants to put all that work into moving, but if you’re willing to research and manage the details, a smooth move is in your future.

Here’s how you can adequately prepare before a move.

1. Research Your New City and State

Research Your New City and State-Ways to Prepare Before Moving to a New State
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Before moving out of state, you should research everything about the place you’re moving to. If possible, take a long walk or bike ride around the neighborhood. However, if you only have access to online resources, check Google Street View and browse for restaurants and schools.

2. Compare National Moving Companies

Compare National Moving Companies-Ways to Prepare Before Moving to a New State
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Moving your things will be your biggest expense and the most difficult aspect of an interstate move. While you could rent a truck and move everything yourself, it’s better to choose one of the many national moving companies using a comparison website. It’ll make your life easier.

3. Consider Cost of Living and Crime Rate

Consider Cost of Living and Crime Rate-Ways to Prepare Before Moving to a New State
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You should know how much your new life costs once you settle into your new state. Be sure to calculate transportation, housing, food, and tax-related costs, so you aren’t blindsided. If you’re moving to a high-crime area (i.e., to save on cost of living), order a home security system.

4. Find a New Home, Condo, or Apartment

Find a New Home-Ways to Prepare Before Moving to a New State
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It’s a good idea to find a new place to live before you part with your old one. It can take 6 months or longer to finish a home or condo sale, but only a month to find an apartment. If you need to sell your current home or condo, add an extra 6 months to your initial move-in date. If you’re looking to build a new home, it’s worth considering a prefab home or builder community. Many builder companies will commit to a 60-90 day new home construction period, making it a more reliable option than coordinating contractors on your own time. Doing it on your own is certainly possible, but the timeframe normally jumps from 60-90 days to 6-12 months.

5. Build a Decent Moving Budget/Savings

Build a Decent Moving Budget/Savings-Ways to Prepare Before Moving to a New State
source: incharge.org

A long-distance move can cost as much as $10,000. You won’t want to put your total moving expense on credit cards, so budget for expected and unexpected move costs. These include gas, packing supplies, car shipments, hotel rooms, utilities, and first and last month’s rent.

6. Declutter Your Space Before Packing

Declutter Your Space Before Packing-Ways to Prepare Before Moving to a New State
source: fillingthejars.com

If you have the time, declutter your home or apartment by moving from room to room. Decide what you want to keep, give away, sell, donate, or trash. Put the items you want to sell online right away. When you have fewer things to move, you lower your interstate moving costs. You can book Man and Van London mover service to get your thing to the next destination at a cheaper rate.

7. Figure Out Utilities and Car Insurance

Figure Out Utilities and Car Insurance-Ways to Prepare Before Moving to a New State
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Disconnect your utilities and reconnect them to your new location on the move-in date. Find the best power, sewer, water, internet, and garbage pickup provider in your neighborhood. Next, switch over your license and registration. You have 1- to 30 days to change to a new state.

8. Get a New Doctor and Health Insurance

Get a New Doctor and Health Insurance
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It’s possible your current healthcare won’t work in a different state, so read through your policy to make sure. If you need to change insurers, connect with a health insurance agent who can help you. Find a doctor and transfer medical records and prescriptions to the new office.

9. Update Your Address and Register to Vote

Update Your Address and Register to Vote
source: saccounty.gov

Make sure to update your address with the government using a change-of-address form from the USPS. This ensures your old mail (and possibly voter’s registration) will be forwarded to the new address. However, you’ll have to change your address on other accounts manually.

10. Assess Your State’s Natural Disaster Risk

Assess Your State’s Natural Disaster Risk
source: redcross.org

Whether you’re moving to flood-prone lowlands, tornado alley in mid-America, or hurricane infested Florida, you should take special precautions to stay safe. You may need to purchase certain insurance or make a disaster preparation kit that protects you and your property.

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