3 Best Ways To Promote Your Interior Design Page On TikTok

The main source of inspiration for most people in 2022 is social networks, especially those focused on visual content. Such platforms include Pinterest, TikTok and Instagram. From real estate agents to interior designers, the popular youth video hosting is gaining momentum in the design niche and has become one of the best marketing tools this year. At the same time, it is not necessary to have a specialized education in order to become popular on the site – you can simply tell subscribers about hot decor trends or about the best solutions when planning a room.


You can be sure that viewers will be happy to watch your videos about decor and design, if they are of high quality and attractive. But how to find the target audience and grow quickly on the video hosting? In this article, we will talk about the best ways to promote your interior design page. Keep reading!

  • Paid promotion services. To this day, the best option for page growth are specialized companies that offer many useful services. You can significantly expand your fanbase by using the opportunity to buy TikTok followers. At the same time, you will get not just a beautiful number in the “followers” section – these will be real people who will pay attention to your account, and are likely to be active, like and comment on clips. Obviously, this will have a great effect on account statistics, which will allow you to consolidate your position on the site, and even become one of the most popular bloggers in your field.

The advantages of this method is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort, you can use your resources to create new clips, and this will be a great solution. In a word, you create the ground for further development, and increase the chances of becoming more visible on TikTok.

  • Cross-promotion. As a designer, you probably own accounts in several social networks at once, and you have a thematic website. Well, you might not even think about it, but other resources can be a great solution to get some of the first subscribers.

What does it mean? Most platforms offer the ability to publish short videos – this has become a trend in recent years. You can use this for your own purposes. Post a few videos on Youtube Shorts or Instagram Reels, attach a link to your TikTok account and ask existing fans to rate your creativity and support your endeavors.

  • Youth video hosting is a great platform for creating collaborative creativity. Developers offer many features for bloggers to collaborate with each other. You can shoot duets with other designers, give advice on decor to those who are looking for professional help (with the help of reactions) and conduct joint live broadcasts. And these are not just pleasant opportunities for creative people – this is a working way of promotion.

It is known that the more videos you post, the higher the probability of being featured in the thematic community and establishing yourself as a creative maker. We advise you not to miss this opportunity – find online colleagues and invite them to shoot several joint clips. Or explore the recommendations page and take reactions to the videos of other creators – this is a good opportunity to become noticed by the author and his viewers. Try it!

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