Why Install Gemstone Lights Outside Your Home

Outdoor lighting is crucial to your home’s security. Aside from its safety benefits, it can illuminate your house’s best features even at night. Gemstone lights are a popular residential lighting option with these advantages.

Gemstone lights are custom exterior lighting that can improve your home’s ambiance. This lighting system uses LED lights which you can control through an app on your phone, making it more convenient than other lighting options. Many homeowners are joining the trend due to the following reasons:

1- Boosts Curb Appeal

Boosts Curb Appeal
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Elegant exterior lighting boosts curb appeal. It makes your home stand out by providing ambient lights you can change depending on the season or occasion. It’s a perfect permanent outdoor decoration for busy homeowners.

Gemstone lights let you skip installing lights during the holidays. You can avoid the risks of climbing up a ladder to decorate your home exterior. If you’re looking for premium-quality gemstone light installation, you may visit this website or hire a trusted local installer.

2- Emphasizes The Architectural Style

Emphasizes The Architectural Style
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Proper outdoor lighting can emphasize your home’s architectural style. It highlights the shape and best details to make your house look sleek and elegant. Gemstone lights can match and elevate a wide range of design themes.

Gemstone lights are commonly installed along the roofline to accentuate your home’s structural design. The lighting’s track matches the roof’s fascia, blending seamlessly. During the day, gemstone lights go unnoticed, keeping your exterior design sleek. At night, you can turn it on to highlight stunning features, making your house one-of-a-kind.

3- Saves Energy

Lighting can take a toll on your energy bills, especially if you have a large house. Therefore, choosing outdoor lights with a low running cost is crucial to saving money and conserving electricity. Gemstone lights are an excellent energy-saver, which is perfect for eco-friendly homes.

LED lights are the top option for saving energy on home lighting costs. Installing gemstone lighting won’t take a toll on your utility bills due to its low consumption. The dimmable lights also let you adjust the brightness according to the environment, avoiding consuming excessive energy during brighter nights.

4- Improves Security

A well-lit property is safer and more secure. Due to improved visibility, proper lighting can help prevent thieves from targeting your home. Gemstone lights are an excellent choice if you want to beautify your house while boosting safety and security.

Despite consuming less energy than other lighting options, gemstone lights can provide maximum brightness to make your home secure. Its app control option also lets you keep your property well-lit even if you’re on vacation.

5- Versatile

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Many homeowners choose gemstone lights for their home exteriors due to their versatility. This lighting option allows full customization to seamlessly fit your house’s design theme. Plus, you can change the colors and brightness levels depending on your preferences.

Gemstone lights are the perfect all-season home decoration. You can change your property’s ambiance with just a few taps on your phone. You can choose multicolor lighting during holidays or warm white for a cozy atmosphere without installing new lights each season.

6- Durable And Long-Lasting

Durable And Long-Lasting
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Durability and longevity should be non-negotiable when choosing exterior lighting. Exposure to water, moisture, changing weather, and other outdoor elements requires extreme weatherproofing for safety and reliability.

Gemstone lights are highly durable and long-lasting. This weather-resistant lighting system withstands even salty air, making it perfect for coastal homes. With proper installation, gemstone lights have an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours of outdoor lighting. Reliable installers also provide years of warranty, which helps you save on frequent repair and replacement.

7- Low Maintenance

Maintenance is a significant factor in any home feature. While envisioning how it looks upon installation is good, considering its maintenance is necessary. Opting for a low-maintenance lighting option is also imperative to save time and money.

Gemstone lights are the perfect low-maintenance exterior lighting option. The weatherproofing and high durability let you enjoy its brightness with little to zero effort. These lights are virtually maintenance-free. However, you can always call your installer to perform regular checks to ensure it’s fully functional and efficient.

8- Quick Installation

Quick installation is imperative, especially in busy homes. The gemstone lighting system is a perfect choice if you want to transform your house exterior while skipping the long wait.
Most gemstone lighting installations are typically done within a day. The timeline depends on your home’s size and the complexity of architectural details.

9- Cost-Efficient

Residential outdoor lighting typically costs around USD$2,000 to USD$4,000. Incandescent lights are on the less expensive side. However, they consume more energy and cost more in the long run.

Gemstone lights are a cost-efficient outdoor lighting option. Its average cost is around USD$4,500. Although it requires a higher upfront budget than other options, its energy-saving feature helps lessen the exterior lighting running cost. It also offers excellent value for money due to its longevity.


Gemstone lights provide a practical outdoor lighting solution that elevates the safety and style of your home. If you’re looking for a quick project to upgrade your exteriors, contact a reliable gemstone lights installer to start planning.

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