5 Great Reasons Why You Should Consider Herringbone Wood Floors

There are many different types of wood floors, including solid, engineered, laminate, and even vinyl. You can select the flooring for your home based on the price. But, before you commit to anything, you’re going to want to look at some Herringbone Wood Floor.

There are several good reasons why this should be your next floor choice ideas.

1. They Look Fantastic

They Look Fantastic
Source: ukflooringdirect.co.uk

Take a look at this stunning herringbone parquetry flooring and you will instantly appreciate how beautiful this floor can be.

All you need to do is picture it inside your home and you’ll realize there really is no other option. Herringbone flooring looks stunning, its unique pattern draws the eye and captures the imagination. In short, you’ll find it hard to beat.

2. Durability

Source: expresshardwoodfloorsks.com

As stunning as herringbone flooring looks, you may be concerned about the price. There is no doubt that this solid wood flooring is a little more expensive. However, solid wood flooring is also very durable. If it is stained or chipped it can be sanded and repolished multiple times.

This means, your solid wood flooring could last for years, effectively making it considerably cheaper than other flooring options that will need to be replaced periodically.

3. Surprisingly Easy To Look After

Surprisingly Easy To Look After
Source: homedit.com

What may surprise you the most is that hardwood herringbone flooring is very easy to look after. The best approach is to sweep it with a microfibre brush every day. This attracts dust and debris and leaves the floor looking fantastic.

You can mop it with a damp mop regularly, and even reapply polish as and when needed.

Alongside this, as mentioned, it is possible to sand the wood and repair wood fences any damage. This can be done by anyone although a professional will give you the best possible finish.

4. Makes The Space Feel Larger

Makes The Space Feel Larger
Source: nextdayfloors.net

You may not realize it but herringbone flooring, with its unique pattern, draws the eye and, if the floor is laid correctly, can make any space feel much larger than it is.

The pattern needs to be laid so that the points of the herringbone face down the room, away from where you enter and toward the other end.

Once you’ve had the floor laid you’ll appreciate how much difference it makes.

5. Goes With All Furnishings

Goes With All Furnishings
Source: freepik.com

If you opt for the latest fashion trend when laying a floor then there is a good chance that your floor will look out of date within 6-12 months.

That means you’ll have to replace it and redecorate the walls to keep up with the latest trends.

This isn’t the case when using a herringbone floor. The floor is traditional yet modern and capable of going with almost any type of furnishing.

That will save you money when redecorating and keeping up with the latest trends.

The bottom line is simple, herringbone flooring doesn’t just look great, it’s a practical and durable option for any room in the house. That’s one investment you should be making.

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