5 Tips for Finding a Reliable Drain Cleaning Service Near You

There is so much at stake when drains are not properly cleaned or even cleaned at all. This can result in a blocked drain which can cause any or many of the following:

  • Slow draining
  • Foul smell
  • Water damage
  • Water wastage
  • Pest infestations
  • Structural damage
  • Health Hazards
  • Adverse environmental impact
  • Increased utility bills

By the way, there is more to some of the aforementioned adverse effects. For example, you can click here for information on the link between poor drainage and probable health hazards.

All these go to show the importance of having drains professionally cleaned. In light of the importance, this article shares some valuable tips for finding reliable companies that offer these services near you.

Considerations When Looking for Professional Drain Cleaning Companies

Considerations When Looking for Professional Drain Cleaning Companies
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Like it or not, the truth is that there are below-par companies in this line of work. As a result, you should be firmly determined to engage the services of the right companies and steer clear of the wrong ones.

Well, that calls for knowledge of how to make the right choice. On that note, some of your considerations should include:

Company Reputation

The experiences of other people can help steer you in the right direction. Some people have had terrible experiences with some of these companies. This could be a result of being subjected to hidden charges or poor service delivery, for instance.

On the other hand, some people have had positive experiences with some of these service providers and would be happy to engage them again. The experiences of both sets of people can play a huge part in deciding which company you should and should not engage in.

Specifically, this is about verifying the reputation of service providers by the experiences of their previous and existing customers. So, make sure you make these inquiries using online and offline avenues.

Service Specialty

Several types of drains require professional cleaning. Kitchen sinks, sewer lines, & bathroom drains are prime examples. All of these have their peculiarities even though they are all drains.

As a result, these peculiarities need to be factored in if they would be properly cleaned. For example, there is a special way sewer lines should be cleaned that does not apply to kitchen sinks and vice-versa. The point here is to ensure the company of choice understands the rules and acts accordingly.

Furthermore, there are different service scales. For example, people in need of industrial services should not entrust the task to options that only have experience offering residential services.

Licensing Status

Some people in need of these services pay very little or no attention to certain things. The need to verify the licensing status of professional drain cleaning services is often one of those things. This is wrong and those who act this way may be making a huge mistake.

The reason is that being unlicensed to operate can be an indication of so many negative things. Some of the negative indications may include that the company is:

  • Into illegal or unethical practices
  • Not willing or committed to playing by the rules
  • Facing a pending issue and is not committed to resolving it
  • Is not committed to being accountable to regulatory bodies
  • Not able or willing to do things in the best interest of its customers – An example would be getting duly insured and securing a suitable bond contract

You should not consider options that are not duly licensed to operate in your jurisdiction. This is for the reasons stated above and a lot more not mentioned, as well.

Insurance Coverage

The right company will have very little or no need for liability coverage. This is because of its level of professionalism and cautiousness. But does this rule out the need to be duly insured? No, it does not rule out the need for being duly insured!

As long as there is due insurance coverage, customers can be certain that they are covered even when things do not go according to plan. Furthermore, being duly insured is a major criterion for securing operational licenses in most places.

This means that the licensing status of companies that are not duly insured is highly questionable. Bearing in mind the aforementioned point on the need to avoid unlicensed companies, this indirectly implies that uninsured companies should be avoided.

Operational Methods & Equipment

Technological advancement has revolutionized how professional drain cleaning companies go about their operations. For example, there has been a massive shift from very invasive to less/non-invasive operations.

For example, a process known as snaking was the order of the day for unclogging drains. Now, hydro-jetting – which is less mechanical, less invasive, but more effective, has become an option.

However, the fact is that some companies are not up-to-date with their operational practices. This is why you may still come across options that do not use hydro-jetting even when it is the more cost-effective and efficient method.

To this end, make sure to choose a service provider that uses the right operational methods, as the situation demands. Furthermore, this would be highly dependent on the equipment at the disposal of the company.

For this reason, ensure that the company of choice is well-equipped with material and even human resources. Speaking of material resources, some of the equipment that modern-minded companies in this line of work should have includes:

  • Preventive Maintenance Tools – Such as grease traps, drain screens, and enzymatic cleaners
  • Video Inspection Cameras
  • Hydro-Jetting Machines
  • Drain Augers/Snakes
  • Root Cutters
  • Chemical Cleaners
  • Pipe Descalers
  • Locating Devices
  • Pipe Repair & Replacement Tools
  • Safety Gear

These are some of the equipment that should be considered bare minimums for companies in this line of business.


Your drain deserves a professional touch when it comes to having it cleaned. This saves you the complications brought about by having a clogged drain or even comes to your rescue if you are dealing with one.

However, the importance of having the right company handling this task cannot be overemphasized. This informs the valuable tips shared here and you are better off taking them seriously.


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