Family Garden

The traditional garden has a well-kept lawn and a patio area with some places to sit. Although this does the job on sunny days or when hosting barbeques, your garden’s space can do more and go further.

A charming garden is a place of beauty and peace for you and your whole family. Whether your garden is big or small, any garden can benefit from the combination of natural and man-made features that gives a garden charm.

For kids, their family garden is a place where they can explore their imaginations, and have some of their most meaningful first connections with nature. To create special memories that last a lifetime, create a special garden. Here are some tips on how to do just that!

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1. Flowers

What makes a garden more than just a lawn? Plants. Although you want enough lawn space for the kids to play, plants allow your children to experience the magic of seasonal changes in a space that is their own.

The best flowers for a family garden are low-maintenance and abundant in colour. English lavender is a great choice for its pretty purple bloom and a delightful smell that your kids will love and always remember.

Denver daisies are a nice choice, too. With their appearance of a small sunflower and a bloom that lasts from summer to winter, this vibrant yellow plant is sure to make your kids smile.

Potted flowers are not ideal for a garden with kids; you don’t want any stubbed toes or have to shout at your kids for smashing a pot.

2. A Tree

A tree is a great way to add charm to a garden of any size. Trees offer shade beneath them on hot summer days, and allow your kids to see the most impressive seasonal transformations.

The Crabapple tree is a perfect tree for gardens both big and small. With pink blossoms like a cherry tree in spring and deep orange leaves in fall, the Crabapple helps your kids watch and appreciate the beautiful magic of the changing seasons. If you live in Oklahoma, you can always get Oklahoma tree and garden care services for a good-looking garden.

3. A Playhouse

A wooden hut at the bottom of the garden doesn’t have to just store gardening supplies. It is easy enough to convert a shed into a playhouse, purchase a wooden playhouse, or if you’re crafty enough, make one yourself!

A wooden playhouse adds tons of charm to a garden. As well as looking pretty, playhouses offer a space where kids can be themselves in a small space built just for them – a great thing for a kid’s imagination.

4. An Arbor with a Climbing Vine

If your garden has a path, it’s always worthwhile to install an arbor. The archway of an arbor creates a feeling you’re entering somewhere special, and for children it can seem like a portal to another world.

Although wooden arbors are often favoured for their aesthetic value and can be some of the cheapest to install, iron arbors are better in darker areas because they retain heat and enable vines to grow. Because it is a climbing vine that really adds charm to an arbor! There are few features that make a garden feel more special than an archway lush with leaves.

If you don’t have enough room for an arbor, use your wood fence to grow vines! It still adds plenty of rustic charm.

5. A Pond or Fountain

For a larger garden a pond can be one of the most charming features. Ponds have been used to enhance a garden’s beauty for thousands of years, and they do add a special feature to any garden that has one.

One really good thing about ponds is the animals that live in them. Animals have been shown to help kids develop emotional maturity, so even watching fish in a pond has beneficial properties! Also, if you are lucky enough to have frogs in your pond, in Spring when frogspawn turns to tadpoles and then into frogs, your kids will really learn about nature and grow in respect for its wonders.

If your garden is too small for a pond, a fountain is a lovely feature which can provide a similar ambience to a pond. Birds will gather to drink from it and the sound of running water is enchanting and soothing, for adults and kids alike.

6. A Birdhouse

A birdhouse adds plenty of charm to a garden and is great for kids. As well as looking good, a birdhouse supports local wildlife and allows your children to observe the animals of your local area, which deepens their bond with and respect for nature!

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You might have noticed green spaces and community gardens popping up in your community. It’s not a local phenomenon. Community gardens are becoming increasingly popular as fresh produce becomes more expensive to buy and local programs sponsor community gardening as a part of a greener and healthier lifestyle. One of the most active in the push for community gardening is Scotts Miracle-Gro. With hundreds of community plots so far and hundreds more planned, Scotts encourages smart usage of natural resources and environmental education.

If you are planning to go for complete home update, then don’t forget to give a face-lift to your backyard. A beautifully decorated garden can help to enhance the outward show of your house. There are lots of different ways of enhancing the look of your garden. The use of right type of odd garden sculptures can significantly boost the look of your garden. However, often, people are found to make bad choices when selecting sculptures for their garden.

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