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Do you hear things go bump in the night? Strange sightings smells, and noises in your home may not be as scary as you think. In fact, it is probably a pest problem, and to safeguard your home, you need to know how to get rid of it.

While there are a number of pests that may invade, many of them share similar signs. Below, we discuss signs of a pest infestation and how to get rid of them.

1-) Droppings

Droppings in and around the home are the first sign of a pest problem. Rats and mice are the easiest to spot, with their small ball-shaped droppings of fecal matter. This will usually be around the edges of a room or wall.

Insect droppings are a little harder to notice. Many of them look like specs of black pepper or salt, dusted extremely finely. If you find them in your bed along with rusty-colored, specks of blood, you may have a number of bed bugs in your mattress.

2-) Sounds and Smells

While they are only small, pests can make a lot of noise. If you have signs of a rodent infestation, you may hear them scurrying across floorboards and in wall cavities. You may also hear them scratching away at wood or even squeaking in certain conditions.

Even creatures as small as termites are audible. They send warning signals by knocking their heads against the wood in walls. If you can hear a mild tapping coming from inside the wall, then you may have a serious infestation of termites.

In addition, each type of pest often has its own smell or odor. Rat and mice infestation is characterized by strong, ammonia-smelling urine. This can transfer a number of diseases and illnesses and is not something you want in the house.

Even insects can leave smells. Bed bugs have a musty odor, while cockroaches have an oily, greasy smell to them.

3-) Damage

As well as being unsanitary, pests need removal from a property because of the amount of damage they cause. You will soon see this start to appear if you believe you have pests and do not address the issues.

Rats and mice love to gnaw and chew at objects. This can be the furniture in your home, or the structure itself. Chairs, cupboards, skirting boards, and floorboards will all bear their hallmarks.

For insects, you should look for small holes that have been bored into wood surfaces. Termites seldom attack furniture but love walls and structural features. If you see black specks around the hole, you have spotted fecal matter and you definitely have a termite problem.

4-) Pest Infestation Tracks

Mice and rats like to travel the same paths every day. In fact, rats are extremely short-sighted and will generally stick to the corners and edges of rooms. Eventually, this will build up as evidence of an infestation.

Signs of a rodent track are drops of fecal matter or trails of urine. You may also be able to see prints in the dust where the creatures have stepped. If you need assistance removing them.

5-) Nesting

To thrive, all creatures need a nest. It is the place they sleep, feed, and reproduce. If you can locate the nest, you can often destroy your pest problem in one fell swoop.

Rodents will use whatever materials they can to build a home. Twigs, leaves, and shredded paper are the preferred materials. If you find these scattered around the house, or see that your papers have been torn up, someone is building a nest.

Get a flashlight and search all the hidden areas of your house. Look for shredded paper in dark, hidden places such as behind appliances, underneath the flooring, and between walls.

6-) Damaged Vegetation

Pests not only do damage to your home and its structure, but to the plants and vegetation in your house and yard. By keeping a check on them, you may be able to locate and eliminate pest infestations.

The first place to check is the lawn. Browned, damaged, or dead areas of grass can signal an infestation. This could be down to a number of creatures, ranging from moles and voles to crickets.

Ants are not usually a problem if you see a few near your home. However, if you spot an anthill then you have cause for concern. This is the heart of the colony, and once it gets inside the home it will cause all manner of problems.

Many people often confuse termites for ants. This is a big mistake, as termites cause a lot more damage. Though they look similar, termites are generally white in coloration.

7-) Shedded Wings

Termites are swarming insects. They take to the air and fly in a large group to reach a new home, where they devour everything they can and build a nest. Once they reach that destination, their wings shed and are left behind.

Shredded termite wings look like tiny fish scales. Finding them does not mean they are in your home already, but it does mean they are in the area. If you can not find any signs of them on your property, you should warn neighbors and check any outbuildings you may have on the land.

Get Professional Help

The problem with pest infestation is that unless you are 100% sure that you have destroyed the source, then they will probably return. Catching the odd mouse or destroying a nest is often not enough. This is the reason you need professional help, so contact a local expert to assist immediately.

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Common Pest Control Mistakes

Every house is bound to become infested with pests at some point, regardless of your efforts to keep them out. Most people simply hire a pest control service and are done with it. However, sometimes the situation is not so serious as to require professional service. It’s just one cockroach or mouse that took abode in your house and you were lucky enough to notice it before it started reproducing. Such cases, people like to handle themselves. But there are some mistakes they make that renders their effort useless. Avoid the following mistakes the next time you grab a can of bug spray to eliminate pests.

Choosing the Wrong Pesticide

Bug spray is not all-purpose. You can’t use it on every kind of pest invading your home. There are various kinds of pesticides available on the market, specialized for different pests. Choose the appropriate one for the pests in your home. Identifying which pest is in your home comes prior to that. What you think is rodents might be possums. Ants and spiders require different poisons to kill them.

Ignoring the Root Cause of the Problem

Simply killing the cockroach you see is not effective. Sure, it might be your first instinct but it is useless in the long run. If you want your home to be free of pests permanently, you need to take care of the root cause of the problem. Look around your house. Are there holes, rotting wood or standing water? These might be inviting pests into your house. Eliminating the root cause is the quickest way of getting pests removed from your home.

Not Following the Instructions

It is essential to follow the instructions if you want pesticides to be effective. Especially because they are poisonous. Most people merely read what’s written on the package before using pesticides. However, that information although, correct is very compact. It doesn’t provide in-depth pros and cons. Make sure to learn more about the right way to use certain pesticides through online sources and the official website of the company.

Using the Wrong Bait

No, sugar doesn’t serve as a bait for all pests. If you’re trying to gather the pests in your house at one place before killing them entirely, use an appropriate bait. Dead insects might attract rodents and spiders but for ants and roaches, food crumbs are best. You can try lacing the bait with poison so that every pest that eats it ends up dead.

Not Placing the Trap in the Right Location

Placing the trap or bait in the wrong location can cause you grave consequences. If you keep it lying in the open, your toddler or pet might discover it and decide to take a lick. It is important that you keep the family out when using pesticides. Moreover, pests usually move along the walls and corners. That’s why these locations are ideal for placing traps.

Using the Same Methods for Indoor and Outdoor Pest Control

Indoor and outdoor pests vary differently from each other. Using the same methods for eliminating them wouldn’t amount to many results. Take proper precautions before using pesticides inside and outside of your house. Alert your neighbours when using herbicides or pesticides in the garden. Keep the windows closed to not let any spray inside the house. Consider the weather as rain can dilute the chemical and render it useless.

After using pesticides indoors, make sure to air out the room and wipe everything clean. Touching surfaces with pesticide on them can lead to poisoning.

Not taking Proper Care of Pets

Pets are one of the major reasons for pest invasion into the house. Fleas and ticks in your pets can travel through surfaces and spread around your whole house. They can infest your clothes, sofas, bedding, and pillows. They can live for a long time since they can survive on human blood too. Therefore, make certain that your pets are clean before letting them inside the house. Schedule appointments with your local vet regularly.

Underestimating the Role of Good Housekeeping

It’s no wonder that a neat and clean house is less likely to be infested. Invest some time in housekeeping no matter how busy you are. Wash clothes regularly and don’t let the laundry pile up. Keep the rooms clean, especially the kitchen. Wipe down drinks spills and pick up food crumbs immediately. Weed the garden periodically and don’t let the water stand. Involve the whole family in the process to keep your home clean at all times.

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With summer comes early mornings of hearty breakfast, lazy afternoons of sipping lemonade on the veranda, cool evenings of BBQ parties, vacations on beaches, pool parties and pests.

Yeah, you read that right – pests.

Tips to Avoid Pest Infestation

While so many things are good about summer, some things are wrong too. Unbearable heat and insects being on the top of this list. Pests can invade your house and become permanent residents, especially in humid seasons like spring and summer. And nothing can ruin summer vacations like lengthy procedures of pest extermination.

It is important that you avert such complication before it happens. So, here are some tips you can use to avoid pest infestation this summer.

Keep Them Out

The first step to pest control is to keep them out of your house. You can do this by eliminating their entrance into the house. Before the season starts, do a thorough check of your property, especially doors and windows. Pests reside in cracks and holes, in windows and doors. Close any openings you may find.

Eliminate their Breeding Grounds

Nip the evil in the bud, seems quite suitable when it comes to pest control. Insects and other pests like rodents and spiders can lay up to hundreds of eggs per day. If left unchecked, the situation can become dire. Therefore, eliminating their breeding grounds should be your foremost priority. Make sure there is no standing water on your property because stale water is optimum for insect breeding.

Don’t Leave Food Out in the Open

This should go without saying. Leaving food out in the open is like an invitation to fruit-flies, houseflies and ants. Once they’re on your property, undoubtedly, they are the hardest to remove. Not to mention, the numerous diseases they can cause in humans. Make sure to cover food and beverages in the kitchen and during parties.

Choose your Vacation Spots Carefully

Most people go to various places to spend their summer vacations, mostly exotic islands like Hawaii or the Caribbean. However, these places have their fair share of exotic pests too, which vacationers inadvertently bring home. Make sure to choose your vacation spot carefully. But if you don’t want to compromise on enjoyment, then take measures to avoid pests while traveling.

Heat your Mattresses and Sofas

Speaking of stubborn unwanted guests, bedbugs are the next on the list after flies. And they are not found in beds only, unlike their name suggests. Bedbugs are known to travel via carriers and before you know it, they’ve invaded everything in your house, from beds to sofas and curtains to blankets. Plus, bedbug bites are extremely painful. Heating your mattresses, sofa and any place they’re likely to infest is a sure way to eradicate them.

Kill Two Birds With One Stone – Aka Spider Control

Spiders are not merely pests, they are downright horrifying. Many people have severe phobias regarding them, and if you’re of those people, then you need to get rid of spiders asap. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to control spider infestation. Since spiders feed on other insects, eliminating those insects from your house will cut off their food supply. Consequently, they’ll either die or leave your house in search of prey.

If Worse Comes to Worst – Hire a Local Pest Control Service

And if you’re an unlucky person whose house is already swarming with pests, then your only option is to hire a pest control company. However, make sure to call a local pest control service because they have expert knowledge about local pests. It is understandable that different kinds of pests infest different places. For example, insects in a downtown New York apartment will differ from pests in Treasure Valley resort in Boise. Similarly, pest control in Boise will require different measures than pest control in New York and local services are sure to know them.

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Pest control is essential because insects and rodents carry ailments, infest your bedroom and kitchen and bite you or your family. The intention of removing any type of pest from your home, yard or garage is to keep you safe and vigorous. For example, rats can leave feces on your food which they get in your kitchen. If you by mistake eat contaminated food, you can become very sick. All pests carry viruses and bacteria with them that require long-term healing. Moreover, it can also make existing medical conditions, even worse like asthma. If you want to get rid from following pests, you should contact your local pest control.

  • Insects, Spiders, and Bugs

When you find any two or three bugs in your home, you do no need to worry. But, if you see insects on a regular basis, you have more chances to get infected in your home. At this time, it is quite significant to call an exterminator immediately since bugs carry any diseases and bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli. Each of these can pose serious intestinal disease. All discarded insect body parts and feces can contribute to unhealthy surroundings, especially for folks who have lung-related health conditions.

  • Rodents

Rodents can pose to serious property harm and their presence can also cause some long-term diseases. Rodents like rats carry the tularemia and bubonic plague, Hantavirus and salmonella viruses which can lead to some serious diseases. You must keep theses rodents as far away from your living surroundings which help to keep you and your family safe and healthy. A local pest control exterminator can help you to control or captures these rodents to provide you the safest and healthiest atmosphere.

  • Wasps

Wasps are not identified for spreading diseases, they are known for their viciousness and aggression. Their stings can be fatal if they attack the people. There are diverse types of flying menaces that make their homes in various parts of your home such as; eaves, lawn or garden. The most danger stems from their caliber to sting multiple times. Folks who have allergies from bee stings can die within seconds. This is why it is vital to eliminate any noticeable sign of a nest or hive as soon as possible.

Benefits of Pest Control

  • Keeps Diseases Out

Most of the insect that keeps wandering in your home carries multiple diseases and that can be easily infectious to humans and animals. Pests can have destructive effects on yours and your family’s health. Therefore, it is imperative to fully understand the dangers causes from the kind of plague your house is suffering from. Ordinary house insects such as fleas, cockroaches and mosquitoes can spread deadly diseases to humans like malaria, dengue, plague and astonishingly Asthma. Cockroaches are the bugs that can lead to child’s asthma and they also carry millions of bacteria cells and pathogens along with them. So, haul these dangerous species out of your home.

  • Diminishes Health Risks

The folks who are working in your local pest control are fully trained, and they have capability in killing pests and handling toxic chemicals that are used to destroy pests. A wrong eradication method tried out by yourself can pose a massive accident and risks your family members’ lives. But when technicians need to use toxic chemicals, they have the knowledge to ensure the wellbeing of your family.

  • Reduce Allergies and Itching

Many insects’ bites can lead to severe itching and allergies all over the body. But, if you appoint a pest control service to eliminate these stinging bugs, then you can protect your family members from these dangerous insects.

  • Better Sleep

It is well said by some people that the better you sleep the more your health gets better. However, when you have dangerous pests all around your home, especially the bed insects, you are not able to sleep properly. The pest controls services will not only take care of the trouble, but even help to endorse better sleep for you. So, if you goanna through tough nights, you should hire a pest control expert immediately to diminish these bad bugs.

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Mosquitoes are difficult pests to handle because they are comfortable living both inside and outside of your home. While they’ll live almost anywhere, mosquitoes prefer to congregate near standing water which can include rivers, lakes, fountains or even pools. In addition to being annoying, mosquitoes are also potential carriers for pathogens that cause various diseases. During mosquito season, you should wear EPA-registered repellent outdoors and employ the services of a mosquito extermination company to keep these pests from getting into your home.

How Does It Work?

Because mosquitoes live both inside and outside your home, you’ll need to have constant protection during mosquito season. This includes decreasing the local mosquito population, as well as setting up preventative measures that keep mosquitoes from entering your home. Professional mosquito exterminators have the tools to cut down the mosquito population in your area. Once the mosquitoes are controlled, the exterminators can help ensure that new mosquitoes do not make their way into your house.

Prepare Early

The best pest control for homes, especially when it comes to mosquitoes, is prevention. You should plan to protect your home before the start of each mosquito season, which will vary depending on your area. Many companies will offer to return to your home and renew the anti-mosquito treatment during the summer months, when mosquitoes are most common. If you live in an area that is generally warm year-round, you may want to renew the treatment on a monthly basis.

Finding Help

Whether you are thinking ahead, or are already dealing with a mosquito problem, finding a good mosquito control company will take some research. Make sure that you look at various offers and pricing options before you make your choice. You should also look at a potential company’s reputation and reviews.

As mosquitoes are not likely to go extinct in the near future, hiring an exterminator early will help ensure that these insects do not become a nuisance in your home.


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If you are a Toronto-area restaurant owner, you probably have to contend with many creatures including wasps, rats, spiders, millipedes, but the last thing you want is trouble with ants. The majority of ants found in Canada are not combative but according to Health Canada, some are still capable of stinging and no matter what, ants are a danger to the quality standards of your restaurant. Even though ants don’t pose a physical threat necessarily, they are more than happy to eat and contaminate your entire inventory of food ( Ant problems can quickly become overwhelming, which can lead to the wrath and ire of health inspectors. So before you are forced to suffer costly health penalties and loss of customer confidence, it is important to know what to look for so you are prepared in case of a pest emergency.

Due to increased travel and antique mechanize there seems to be great increase in the population of bed bugs, they are now 500 percent more in their numbers today than that of previous years. It is really infuriating to have bitten by such hideous insects they can cause serious infections like allergy on the body- the infection that’s caused after their bites resembles to the mosquito bites so it’s hard to identify sometimes as which one of two insects has bitten the area.

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