6 Ways to Switch Up Your Home For Warmer Weather

Congratulations! You made it through another winter, and now lighter nights and warmer days are finally on their way. It’s time for a refresh, both for yourself, and for your home.

Summer is the perfect opportunity to give your home décor a much-needed update after the long dark months, Whether you’ve recently moved into new homes in Gateshead or have been living in the same space for years.

You don’t need to make drastic changes; a few small, simple adjustments can have a dramatic impact, filling your home with all the joy and vibrancy of the season.
Here are a few tips for how to switch up your home for summer.

1- Let in the Light

Transform your living space by welcoming in natural light
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Natural light is the secret to a happy home regardless of the time of year, but spring and summer are when you can really make the most of what nature has to offer.

Replace those heavy winter curtains, used to keep in warmth and shut out the dark, with lighter, brighter alternatives, and do the same with any blinds.

You can also reposition the furniture of your living room or bedroom to ensure you’re making the most of the morning and evening light, or add some extra mirrors for some additional dazzle.

2- Bring the Outside in

home interior room with lush potted plants, and hanging baskets of flowing vines
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Certain things immediately spring to mind when we think of summer: sun, sand, heat, and greenery.

Fill your home with all the fragrance and colour of summer, sweetening the air and bringing some vitality to your home. Floral arrangements, lush potted plants, and hanging baskets of flowing vines will make any room feel more lively, and are especially great for those without easy access to nature.

3- Create an Outdoor Haven

outdoor space-home for warmer weather
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If you do have some outdoor space, now is the ideal time to cultivate it.

Gardening provides an opportunity to bask in the great outdoors, and a flourishing garden is a wonderful place to unwind in nature after a long day in the hot sun.

Fill flower beds with your favourite blooms, plants herbs for your summer food and drinks, or welcome wildlife with a wildflower sanctuary. If you have room, create an outdoor entertaining space with some attractive and unique dining furniture sourced from your local second-hand store.

4- Re-Cover from Winter

cushion covers and throws-home for warmer weather
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Winter is when we want to create a cosy nest of thick blankets and woolly cushions; summer is when we want to make a light and airy space which makes us feel refreshed and revitalised.

An easy and effective way to dramatically change the atmosphere of your living room is to switch out your cushion covers and throws. Replace heavy winter covers with bright summer ones showing floral patterns and bold, eye-catching colours to make the space unrecognisable in a matter of minutes.

5- Declutter

home declutter for summer
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Redecorating for summer is about creating a bright, airy ambience to lift the spirits.

Let light flow through your home by clearing away all the stuff which has accumulated over winter. Keep only that which has a purpose and a place, to promote a sense of calm.

6- Get Colourful

A vibrant and stylish interior design concept featuring a beautiful fusion of bold and soothing colors
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Summer has a limitless colour palette, from green and brown earthy tones to the pastel of a wildflower field, to the deep blues and whites of a sunlit sea.

Let these colours fill your home using paint, furniture, and art. Painting a statement wall in yellow or fuchsia can bring instant energy to an otherwise uninspired kitchen. Blue cushion covers, white walls, and woven jute rugs can invite all the freshness of the sea into a stale bedroom, and pops of pastel pink will add a touch of whimsy to any dull living space.

The warmer, lighter weather is a chance to renew your home in even the simplest ways, so be sure to seize it with both hands.


Ford Collin
Ford Collin
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