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Are you about to become a first-time property investor and plan to rent out the home you buy? Or perhaps your circumstances have changed, so you must rent out your personal house for a time. No matter your situation, if you’re going to become a landlord, there is more to successful rental properties than finding a tenant.

In particular, it’s important for property maintenance to be kept up while others are living on your property. This way, not only will potentially costly problems be avoided, but you’ll also be able to attract tenants at a higher price. Your work will also encourage the lessees to take care of the property better because they can see you take pride in it. Read on for some top property maintenance tips for landlords you can follow today.

Determine What You Are Responsible For

For starters, it’s important to be aware of the responsibilities you have as a property owner. While tenants have to pay their rent on time and often have to cover their own utilities, landlords have to keep the property in good condition.

Property owners must follow all health and safety codes (local, state and federal) and know what is required for them in their area since codes can vary from region to region. A big part of adhering to these codes is performing regular maintenance both inside and outside the home, so those living on the property stay safe.

For instance, you need to get rid of any mold in the home, especially toxic mold, and remove any lead paint hazards in the property, which typically requires a licensed professional. There are many other codes around things like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, proper lighting, safe banisters and stairs, guards on higher windows and even weather-related laws (e.g. regarding clearing walkways after snowfall).

The landlord is also responsible for fixing any emergency issues that should arise in relation to plumping and electricity. Most professional landlords will take out a landlord emergency policy. A home emergency for landlords policy is aimed at household emergencies that need to be fixed urgently. The cover will usually include cover for  burst pipes, electric and heating failures, security breaches  and vermin infection.

Carefully read over your state’s landlord-tenant law as well as local regulations to be sure you are doing everything required of you as the property’s owner. If you use a real estate management firm to manage the home for you, be sure to choose an organization that is similarly committed to following through on tasks.

It is vital to take measures to protect yourself, too. This is where insurance comes in.

Check your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if it covers renting. If not, check out landlord property insurance for the physical structure you rent out. You may also want to add insurance to cover the appliances or systemson the property. There are many options available, so you’ll need to compare products closely. If your property is situated in California, for example, search for California home warranty policies to find suitable options.

You may also want to get specific insurance that covers against things like natural disasters, low rental income, lawsuits and legal fees.

Create a Maintenance Schedule

So you never forget about any important maintenance tasks, consider setting yourself a schedule for the year ahead. Incorporate monthly, quarterly, biannual, yearly and one-off (as required) tasks into it, so you don’t fall behind.

Wherever possible, take pictures or video footage of different areas of the property, perhaps when regular inspections are carried out in the home, so you have a better way of detecting wear and tear and can see if any issues start popping up. Do not rely on tenants to let you know about problems as they may not notice them or bother to report them.

Hire Professional Contractors as Needed

While you likely want to try to complete as many maintenance tasks around the property as you can to save money, in many cases it’s actually better, or sometimes even required, to hire professional contractors who are experienced and licensed to do the work.

Consider paying tradespeople and others to do work such as check for pests like termites and maintain heating and cooling systems. In particular, filters must be replaced and water lines and ventilation checked. Contractors can also clean out gutters; check and repair roofs; cut back trees from power lines and away from fences or remove vegetation which has become too big and potentially dangerous; ensure smoke detectors and other safety equipment work; assess and add insulation; clean chimneys and fireplaces; etc.

Follow these steps to keep your property in tip-top shape and you will have fewer landlord headaches over the years and save yourself money, to boot.

The signing of a new lease is a moment of relief for both tenant and landlord alike. Often landlords can rest easy once a new tenant shows serious interest in a property. The signing of a new lease means the security of fixed income over an extended period and the knowledge that the apartment or house you own is no longer a drain on your wallet. Risks are often minimal to a rental property, but landlords know that renting is still a tricky business.

A property owner must consider a number of things before finally handing over the keys. As a landlord, you must find tenants as quickly as possible to ensure a continued return on investment. It’s a lengthy process that involves credit and criminal checks, interviews, and deposits.

Traditionally, this process of tenant screening takes considerable effort and investment, but new tools are becoming more accessible. A tenant screening report is a great way to cut through confusing information and sources to evaluate a future resident clearly and easily. These reports provide financial, criminal, employment, and even prior rental information in an easily digestible format. They tell a landlord how a new tenant will take care of someone else’s property.

Credit and prior rental information are critical for predicting how the rental relationship will go in the future. By uncovering these details, you’ll better understand the likelihood of a default or other financial problems. If you find that an individual has good credit and no prior rental troubles, you can expect that trend to continue into your lease.

A credit score is only one consideration that landlords must make, however. In the past, credit and background checks were written into a potential tenant’s rental contract. Credit reports must be pulled once you progress past the stage of showing a property. But a simple number does not do a person justice, so an interview process apart from simply meeting your renter is helpful.

On top of that, you must consider criminal records. A person previously convicted of some serious offense may now be successfully rehabilitated; however, it’s also possible your future resident is guilty of minor criminal activity and intends to continue along that path. This means you might have a difficult conversation before feeling secure in handing over the keys. Reviewing the information gleaned in a screening report can tell you a lot about a person’s background.

Work history is also an important consideration. You want to be sure the tenant can pay the rent every month. Screening reports provide you with more than the arbitrary answers you may hear during an interview.

If you keep this process in mind, and take all of it just one step at a time, you’ll have no trouble arranging those final meetings and selecting the most agreeable candidate for your rental business. There are tons of great tools nowadays for streamlining this process and bringing you simple, quick answers to those nagging questions you need answering in order to select the perfect tenant.

New Jersey allures many people to live in for good paying jobs, awesome leisure activities, quality health care, diverse geography, advanced education, a massive variety of good restaurants, and a grand place to raise kids. We all know that the cost of living here is quite expensive; although you pay to spend quality and luxurious life. Princeton is considered the best city and highly ranked city to reside in within the state. So, everyone wants to buy a home in Princeton. The following things are exclusive in New Jersey, which makes this region stand out.

The Best Health Care Amenities

NJ ranks on the number one position out of other states in terms of the lowest population rate and for the best health care amenities. New Jersey inhabitants have access to some of the best health institutions and doctors in the world. A research was conducted on NJ by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and it has revealed that folks who reside in New Jersey have a longer life expectancy as compared to anybody else in the country.

Advanced Education System

New Jersey is outweighing the other regions of the US, when it comes to the education system. Not only it has the prestigious Princeton University, but has top consistent test scores. Moreover, according to the National Board on Educational Testing Policy, it has the highest high school graduation rate in the nation.

princeton universityImage Source: Flickr

Superlative Entertainment

New Jersey is considered the prominent region for entertainment. Superlative entertainment amenities are easily available throughout the city due to a small geographical area of the state. There are many entertainment venues, hotel casinos, and the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City makes the NJ a magnet for world class entertainment.

Outstanding Coastal Areas and Hill Stations

Wonderful beaches like Wildwood, beautiful hills and mountains in Northwest NJ and quaint Victorian towns like Cape always allure newcomers to live in the state. The diverse geography of NJ is easily reachable within an hour’s drive from almost any place in the region.

beautiful hills and mountainsImage Source: Wikipedia

Ranked the Number One Place to Raise a Family

A company named Niche analyzes and mines the government data, has found that NJ is the number one state to live in due to its right mix factors such as quality of education, safety, access to daycare, easily accessible healthy food and libraries.

Diversity of Restaurants

It is considered the diner capital of the world and is recognized for authentic ethnic cuisine with a diversity of restaurants. It has eminent pizza and bagels around with several fine dining establishments. We can say that there is simply no shortage of options in this foodstuff ranges from chic bistros to cozy cafes, to Mom and pop dining and more.

Convenient Public Transportation

Most of the metropolis is easily accessible by the path train, which stops at eminent destinations including, Grove Street, Journal Square, Exchange Place, Pavonia/Newark and Manhattan. This train also connects you to alternate modes of transportation such as bus lines and the NJ Transit train. Moreover, it is pretty economical at only $2.25 a ride. Light Rail is also available which connects you to the bordering towns and waterfront area, including Bayonne, Weehawken, Hoboken and Union.

Low Crime Rate

New Jersey is a very secure place to live in and this credit goes to the state and the municipalities in crime security and regulation enforcement. It has ranked on the 4th position in term of property crime and on the 13th position in term of violent crime out of 31 states.

Top Tourist Destinations

Folks from all over the world come to visit Asbury Park and Atlantic City. The quirky shore town was recently ranked on the 10th position for the best place to travel in the world by Leisure Magazine.

asbury parkImage Source: Wikimedia

Easily Accessible Fresh Fruits and Veggies!

NJ has over 700,000 acres of farmland which make it the top producer of bell, cranberries, peppers, spinach, blueberries, peaches and several other fresh fruits and veggies. So, the residents of the state need not to worry about this and it sells on the most affordable price in every market.

A Secure Place for Teen Driving

New Jersey ranks as the 6th safest state in the nation for teen drivers according to U.S. News and World Report.

Featured Image Source: Pixabay

Times have gotten worse and there are not a lot of consumers or buyers in the market today; however, still with the right approach you can sell your home pretty easily. Many people just think that because real estate is going down and there are not many buyers out there, there home will not get sold or not for the right price; such people end up selling their homes quickly and well below the market price. This approach and thinking should be avoided. Here are the necessary steps that you should take for home selling.

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